Gary R. Collins
  Thank you for visiting this web site. It has been designed to:
  • Introduce you and others to Gary R Collins
  • Give you an updated listing of my books and recent publications
  • Introduce you to the Gary R. Collins weekly newsletter/blog and offer a place for you to subscribe (It's free!) or unsubscribe
  • Give you a descripton and link to Gary's other websites (there are two) and blog
  • Provide direction to finding selected resources relating to Christian coaching and counseling
  • Show how you can contact me directly. I can't always respond to every message but I read them all and answer as many as I can
This website exists primarily to provide information and opportunities for interaction. The purpose of this site is NOT to sell anything.

Information about Gary's books and services, including speaking and coaching opportunities, isavailable at

Thanks for stopping by.


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