Zombieland’s Abigail Breslin is the latest Hollywood actress to step away from social media after facing trolling


Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen players who are part of huge franchises pull out of online platforms, as a result of less than optimal interactions. Still water and the land of zombies actress Abigail Breslin is the latest Hollywood actress to step away from social media, after facing trolling. Although she does not leave the stage entirely, Ms. Breslin does indeed give herself time to decompress and free herself from her criticisms.

This latest round of comments stems from a previous post the actor posted, showing her with a group of friends posing in a photo without a mask. Highlighting a comment made about this post, Abigail Breslin explained her temporary departure on Instagram. Here is the content of this article, in full:

The social media hiatus is, unfortunately, also fueled by continued comments that raise the memory of his late father, Michael, who died after a battle with COVID. Michael Breslin’s untimely death last February has been a sticking point for some of the harshest comments the actress has received online. This is because of everything mentioned above, as well as another series of speeches that actually criticized Ms Breslin for wearing a mask while on a theme park ride, which resulted in at the end of this story.

As mentioned, Abigail Breslin is the latest, and possibly the most serious, social media disruption / departure we’ve seen in recent years. It is after the reaction heated to Star wars The sequel trilogy saw two of its own cast members quit these platforms entirely. Kelly Marie Tran, as well as Daisy Ridley, ditched the stage to get better, with Ridley in particular stating that social media was “but not for [her.]” Although Breslin only takes a short vacation from the web, she will have plenty of other things to occupy her.

Promising updates on his new EP Witchcraft in the near future, she intends to come back to her fans “in a few days”. The circumstances may not be ideal around this recent development, but at least this break seems to be happening at the right time. For now, his short break with Instagram is just the latest story of dealing with the traps that naturally accompany such a platform, open to fans and detractors alike.

Fans of Abigail Breslin’s work are in luck, as they can currently rent or buy his latest film, Still water. The film, starring Matt Damon, is now available in physical and digital formats, for those who are ready to enjoy the comforts of home. Meanwhile, Ms. Breslin’s next project, the horror comedy Killers, always waits for a defined release date; so you will have to sit on that front for now. However, you can take a look at the films currently on the program this year, thanks to the 2022 release schedule.


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