Younger sister of famous TV host to host wedding reception with same-sex partner


With the Malaysian government implementing tougher and tougher measures against people from the LGBTQ + community. In June 2021, according to the current Prime Minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, in a written response from Parliament, 1,733 Malaysians from the LBGTQ + community were sent to a rehabilitation camp run by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The camp, known as the Mukhayyam program, aims to change the lifestyle and sexual orientation of the LGBTQ + community. This camp also teaches them about religion, health, HIV and AIDS. Contrary to popular belief among many Malaysians, this “initiative” actually goes against various human rights policies internationally!

Well, in Malaysia it is quite obvious that double standards are at stake here. When civilians are forced to adhere to ridiculous policies to feed politicians’ egos, the parents and children of popular personnel are not subject to government reaction. While we berate criticizing people for their sexual orientation, wouldn’t it be much better if everyone was treated equally – by revoking laws against the LGBTQ + community?

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Recently, it was reported that the younger sister of a popular former TV host will have her wedding reception at the end of this week abroad. Although the location is unknown, it is known that the individual hitched up to a foreign woman last year. When asked if the soul of her late mother would be happy with her decision, the individual said that even her mother was an open-minded person and would definitely be happy for her as she still loves her.

This wedding reception would only take place depending on the quality of the internet there, but she also promised that photos and videos from the event would be uploaded in due course. For more information, the individual’s older sister was a leading host for a private television station at the time, before her marriage to a VIP.

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Nonetheless, we wish them the best in their efforts and hope that the individual, if found to be influential, will be able to advocate against the cruel laws imposed by the government on the LGBTQ + community in Malaysia.

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