Woman asks Erin Molan for ex-fiancé Sean Ogilvy’s number on a date


Erin Molan has revealed the ‘disturbing’ exchange of messages she had with a stranger before they told her they wanted to date her ex-fiancé.

Australian TV and radio personality Erin Molan has shared the bizarre story of a woman who tried to get her ex-partner Sean Ogilvy’s number for a date.

The woman, a stranger to Molan, sent him a direct message on Instagram on Thursday which read, “Hey how can Sean Ogilvy be contacted please?”

Molan then responded by asking “why?”, to which the woman replied “personal reasons, sorry.”

Speaking on his radio show with Dave Hughes and Ed Kavalee on Friday morning, Molan described how his mind jumped to all sorts of scenarios – including whether Ogilvy had “fathered an illegitimate child”.

Kavalee said the whole exchange and open message was “disturbing”.

“Well, is she trying to bait me?” Molane agreed.

“So yesterday afternoon I said – I left it for a few hours – ‘I can’t pass on his number unless you can explain why you need it sorry’ and I just did a little kiss too. Sorry, kisses, warm, engaging, polite, fair.

What happened next was unexpected.

“And then she replied four hours later, saying ‘I thought maybe he was single now, maybe you can pass on my contact number,'” Molan explained, adding that the woman had included her number with the message.

“She obviously thinks you’re really cool with everything,” Hughes said, prompting a laugh from Molan.

It was later clarified that both Molan and Ogilvy had moved on, with Molan having “never been happier”.

“What I think is something I should be proud of and praised for is that I took a screenshot and sent it to him,” Molan added.

Ogilvy told Molan he wasn’t interested, but Kavalee and Hughes joked that that was exactly what he told her and that maybe she could be matron of honor during their future marriage.

“Instagram live (it) is where it all started,” Hughes said.

Molan announced her split from Ogilvy, a homicide detective, in September last year.

They have a three-year-old daughter, Eliza, together.

In October, Molan opened up about the difficulty of dealing with shared custody.

“Sean loves Eliza more than the world, and so do I,” she said 9 Honey. “It’s definitely an adjustment. You go from being with the most important person in your life 24/7 to then having to share your child and it’s really, really hard.

“But we’re both really blessed because she’s our priority and always will be and whatever’s best for her, we do. And that’s something I never have to worry about and he never has to worry.


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