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Despite peer pressure, radio girl Kamene Goro says she is not ready to have children yet, as she has not achieved the financial stability she wishes to have before taking this step in the life.

Speaking on her radio show on Kiss FM, the curvy presenter advised other women to plan their lives.

“Be deliberate with your life. There must be a strict plan that you are going to stick to. You cannot live your life as a random being. You cannot live your daily life as a victim of circumstances,” she said.

“What if we were as deliberate with our lives as we are with the most complex things in our day today?” she posed.

The radio personality believes in having achieved certain goals in their life before they decide to settle down, and even so, be very intentional about the kinds of things they entertain and tolerate in their lives.

“When I say standards, I’m not talking about aesthetics. I’m talking about wise character. To have a man who is patient, kind, supportive and able to carry his own weight. But you end up with a useless handsome man, and you wonder why we end up with such messy and detrimental outcomes in our lives, why we wake up and raise children who are angry and feel neglected, why various mental health are such a huge problem in our society.

Kamene, whose first marriage didn’t work out, detailed the problems women face largely with not being deliberate about their lives, and because they simply go with the flow of nature. .

“I think part of it has to do with the fact that we haven’t been deliberate with our lives as women. So be deliberate about your life, there has to be a purpose for a plan and how you go tackle it. Don’t just go left right and center, your life shouldn’t be on the line,” she said.

The media personality added that she was pressured by people who kept reminding her that she needed to start thinking about having children, pressure which she denounced saying she was not still ready.

“A lot of people have told me this year that I’m turning 30 and it’s time for me to start thinking about having a kid. I’m like, ‘Listen, I want my kids to go to a better place. school than the one I went to, which is going to be very expensive, money that I don’t have right now,'” Kamene said. “I can’t afford to be pregnant now guys , no I don’t,” she added.

She further remarked that women should stop putting so much pressure on themselves to live and have it all figured out by a certain age.


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