Who is Meggan Gray, host of WLOX-TV who quit after refusing the vaccine?


WLOX-TV presenter Meggan Gray has revealed that she quit her role on the TV station after refusing to take the Covid vaccine.

As reported by the Sun Herald, the Good Morning Mississippi co-host left her post after working for WLOX-TV for 18 years.

The publication wrote that Meggan left a day before a Covid vaccine warrant went into effect at her workplace on October 1.

The TV presenter discussed her departure from the TV channel in a lengthy Facebook post, but who exactly is she?

Meggan Gray, WLOX-TV YouTube

Who is Megan Gray?

Meggan Gray began her broadcasting career as a tape editor at WLOX in 2003 after graduating in Mass Communication from Auburn University.

She started working as a reporter in 2006, then co-hosted Good Morning Mississippi in 2007.

Meggan is married to her beloved college partner John, and the couple have three children together.

Her Twitter bio reads “Next Chapter …” and reveals that she resides in Biloxi, Mississippi, with her family.

WLOX-TV presenter explains why she quit her job

In a lengthy Facebook post, Meggan explained why she quit WLOX-TV after working for the TV channel for 18 years.

The morning presenter quit her job after WLOX’s parent company Gray Television demanded that all of its employees get vaccinated.

“I am not vaccinated so I am no longer eligible for employment with Gray Television or any of their stations,” Meggan wrote in her post.

“I know there will be people who will not agree with me or who will not understand my reasons,” she continued.

“This is fully understood because it is a protected right that they enjoy. Moreover, it is a personal decision for every American; but in my opinion, a forced decision to choose between vaccination and an individual’s livelihood is a dangerous precedent.

Did WLOX-TV respond?

WLOX chief executive Rick Williams told the Sun Herald he couldn’t comment on a personnel issue.

Rick attached a statement from Gray Television regarding their vaccination requirement which was limited to “certain medical conditions and / or religious objections”.

Speaking on her last show, Meggan shared a message to viewers and said, “I have had a wonderful 18 year career here and I am so grateful for every moment.”

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