Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak shares cryptic quote on ‘NOT caring’ after fans remarked he ‘hates the contestant’


WHEEL of Fortune’s Pat Sajak might be reaching his limit with all the constant criticism of him from fans, after he cryptically tweeted a clap online.

The latest blows against the TV host came after fans noticed Pat was shading a contestant they thought he didn’t like.


Pat Sajak posted a cryptic quote after fans slammed him for appearing to dislike a contestantCredit: ABC
Fans say the longtime game show host - here with Vanna White - has said how he really feels


Fans say the longtime game show host – here with Vanna White – has said how he really feelsCredit: Getty

But in a random, unreferenced quote on Twitter, the 75-year-old made it clear that there are bigger issues in life to worry about.

“You know what I think? Of course not. And why should you care what I think? I’m a game show host.” he tweeted. “Now if I was a famous talk show host or actor, that would be a different story.

“Then my opinion would carry a lot of weight.”

The beef started when a viewer shared a theory that the Wheel of Fortune star has a few different stories when he dislikes a player, and noted that he featured them during an earlier episode. this week.

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While fans blasted the last episode’s three contestants for being the “worst,” they noted that one in particular seemed to annoy Pat the most.

The star seemed annoyed by a contestant named Erik, after the player had some bad guesses and made a few etiquette errors.

With Erik and the others unable to solve a few puzzles until they were almost completely filled in, he also lost some easy money.

One fan noted on Twitter near the end of the show, “Everyone notices how when a contestant says ‘I’d like to resolve’ before they’ve called a letter (rather than just dropping it), Pat will say nicely that he might first want to call a letter to get more money?

“Tonight he was so disgusted he just said, ‘Yeah, why not, go ahead, who needs more money! “”


That moment came when Erik was given the chance to win some easy cash without hassle because the wheel had already been spun and the dollar amount already determined.

He said he knew the answer, but instead of first guessing a letter to win free money and then answering the puzzle, he confidently told Pat when it was his turn, “I would like to solve.”

Pat, already seemingly annoyed with the contestant, didn’t even try to persuade him to consider guessing a letter first, as the social media user pointed out he would often do for others.

“Sure, go for it,” Pat – who co-hosts with Vanna White – just told the player.

Erik guessed correctly with the solution “A gentle giant”, and Pat could be heard shading him immediately afterwards by saying, “Yeah, why not?” Who needs money these days?


Fans have commented a lot on Pat’s attitude on the show lately, often asking that he be removed as host.

Earlier this month, viewers begged him to be fired or “retire” after his nearly 40-year tenure.

One Twitter user simply wrote, “Wish Pat Sajak would retire from Wheel of Fortune.”

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A particularly terse second viewer didn’t mince words, tweeting, “Pat Sajak has been ad**k for years. Especially in Vanna.

“But now he’s getting more d**kish with competitors. Pull the a*****e.”

In a cryptic quote, Pat apparently clapped back


In a cryptic quote, Pat apparently clapped backCredit: TWITTER/@patsajak
Fans say Pat once gave verbal cues he didn't like a contestant


Fans say Pat once gave verbal cues he didn’t like a contestantCredit: ABC
The host has been called out for several recent gaffes aimed at contestants and even co-star Vanna White


The host has been called out for several recent gaffes aimed at contestants and even co-star Vanna WhiteCredit: ABC

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