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Wendy Williams’ career has seen its ups and downs. Best known for hosting the syndicated TV talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, the former radio DJ has published several books, was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame and even ran two TV movies about her life. The 57-year-old artist has had his fair share of challenges, including drug addiction and chronic illness. Through it all, Wendy Williams’ fortunes have remained (almost) intact, thanks to smart financial planning and a lot of hard work. Here’s a look at Wendy Williams’ net worth in 2021.

Wendy Williams has written several books

Wendy Williams is the author of seven books, including her 2003 autobiography, Wendy has heat. Co-written by new York Daily News reporter Karen Hunter, the best-selling biography covers some of Williams’ most difficult life challenges until that time, including childhood trauma and drug addiction. In 2004, she published The Wendy Williams Experience, a look at the gossip about the lives of some of the biggest stars of the time. Almost a decade later, she published the self-help / advice book, Ask Wendy: Direct Advice For Any Drama In Your Life.

Williams is also the author of four fictional titles, three of which are part of a semi-autobiographical series about a shock radio jock named Ritz Harper (Drama is her middle name, is the bitch dead or what ?, and Ritz Harper goes to Hollywood). In 2014, Williams wrote a romance novel titled Hold me with contempt.

As successful as she has been in the publishing world, Williams says she didn’t expect to be a bestselling author. “My father is the author of my family,” she said in a 2013 interview with the the Wall Street newspaper. “He was an English teacher, a school principal and, ultimately, an English teacher at a university. He’s now retired and lives with my mom in Florida, but he’s constantly trying to write the great American novel. So it’s him, it’s the writer. I fell into it thanks to a successful television career.

She is best known as a radio and television personality

Williams began his career as a radio disc jockey shortly after graduating from college. After holding various jobs at various stations across the country, the aspiring star got her big shot in 1990 as the host of a morning show on an urban contemporary station in New York City. Williams was a well-known and highly regarded local radio personality. She is known for her celebrity and rapper gossip.

In 2008, the Williams radio show was syndicated across the country. That summer she had her own TV show, Wendy Williams’ show, which was a huge success. The rising star left radio to pursue a full-time career in television. In addition to his eponymous show, which averages over a million viewers per episode, Williams has hosted and appeared in a number of game shows and reality series, including Dance with the stars, the masked singer, Celebrities Undercover, and Death By Gossip with Wendy Williams.

Williams takes her role as a television and radio talk show host very seriously. “It takes a lot to be invited into people’s cars on the radio. It’s a very intimate place to talk to people, ”she said in an interview in 2021.“ And I’ve always honored that. And it takes a lot to be on TV every day, even more, because daytime TV is a very special place. “

Wendy Williams acting concerts

In addition, to talk about radio and hospitality, Wendy Williams tried her hand at acting. She has appeared in cameo roles both as herself and as fictional characters on TV shows such as Martin, A life to live, 30 Rock, Drop Dead Diva, and Law & Order: Special Victims Assistance Unit. She also starred in several feature films, including Think like a man, think like a man too, World War Z, and Mike and Dave need wedding dates.

In 2013, the former shock jock made a brief stint on Broadway, starring in a seven-week series of the hit musical. Chicago.

Williams had never performed live theater before and admitted it took a while for him to get to the heart of the matter. “At first I had a hard time remembering the lines,” she said in an interview with Broadway World. “[But] who says no on Broadway? They called and of course I said yes. And then I figured out how I was going to do it – after I said yes.

Williams said that while her acting attempts have been successful, she still has other ambitions when it comes to Hollywood. “I would like to produce more things,” she said Entertainment tonight. “And that sort of thing would be for other people, not for me – I’m not an actress. I enjoyed being a part of the writing process and I would also love to someday sit in the chair of this. director, just to be an associate director or something.

Life hasn’t always been easy for Williams

Never one to shy away from real talk, Williams has been open about her personal struggles. She was divorced twice and saw her second marriage to Kevin Hunter (producer and manager) fall apart as her television career took off. “My divorce had been in the works for about 10 years,” Williams said in an interview with Gasoline magazine. “I’ll be honest with you. Every year the talk show got bigger and better and my husband got meaner and meaner to the world. I didn’t like who I saw.

To make matters worse, Hunter ended up cheating on his talk show wife and having a child with his mistress. After more than 21 years, Williams filed for divorce.

Williams was also diagnosed with chronic illnesses. She has suffered from the autoimmune disease Graves’ disease since 1999 and was diagnosed with lymphedema (a condition that causes swelling of the limbs due to a blockage of the lymphatic system) in 2019. In September 2021, she was diagnosed with lymphedema. revealed she was suffering from ‘persistent health issues’ and a COVID-19 diagnosis that forced her to cancel promotional appearances for the 13e season of The Wendy Williams Show.

On top of all this, the self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” battled a drug addiction for a decade, which she said forced her to live a double life as her star was on the rise. . “I was a functional addict,” Williams said Entertainment tonight in 2018. “I would show up for work on time, and walk in and all my coworkers including my bosses would know, but since I had my headphones on and walked into the studio and [they] wouldn’t fire me for doing evaluations.

In early 2019, after a long period of sobriety, Williams revealed on her show that she had relapsed and was seeking treatment for her addiction while living in a sober house. According to reports, Williams left her sober home in the spring and has remained sober ever since.

Wendy Williams net worth

Fortunately for the talk show host, her personal struggles didn’t seem to affect her net worth too much. Although Williams never publicly verified the value of his fortune, the two Rich gorilla and Celebrity Net Worth estimate it at around $ 40 million.

According to reports, his salary on TV talk shows is around $ 10 million per year, which works out to about $ 55,000 per episode. His bestselling books and a host of businesses such as an online wig line and clothing and accessory lines with HSN are making money.

And let’s not forget the $ 15 million she earns a year from her production company, Wendy Williams Productions (WWP). Or the big paychecks she earned as the executive producer of the two Lifetime movies in her life, Wendy Williams: The Movie and Wendy Williams: What a waste! Add it all up and you have a pretty substantial sum.

The only thing that could negatively affect Williams’ fortune was his divorce. According to Sixth page, the Billboard Radio Award winner was ordered to pay Hunter $ 250,000 following their separation so that he could “obtain new living conditions.” And while the details of their divorce settlement weren’t released publicly, experts suspect it was messy. The couple reportedly did not have a marriage contract and had a lot of common property after 21 years of marriage – including WWP, which they founded together.

Still, we’re pretty sure Williams was able to take it all. She even said it in an interview with Gasoline, admitting, “I have the privilege of having a successful career. It was a blessing and a curse. There came an early time when I knew, ‘OK, I’m going to have to pay child support.’ But I can handle it. It’s almost funny to me.


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