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Netflix’s latest mega-budget South Korean thriller titled All of Us Are Dead has been released on Netflix (Friday, January 28, 2022).

With violence and horror galore, and another title that seems like a metaphor for deep social unrest, it’s no surprise that All of Us Are Dead is being hailed as the next Squid Game. Additionally, the new Netflix series even features a cast member from Squid Game in a major role.

Based on the webtoon (i.e., South Korean digital comic) Now at Our School, All of Us Are Dead revolves around a group of high school students plunged into a zombie apocalypse when a science experiment goes horribly wrong. wrong. The series is set against a backdrop of violent social dynamics in high school.

The main cast of All of Us Are Dead is made up of young South Korean actors, who play the unfortunate students of a zombie-infested school.

Talking about the casting of the characters, director Lee Jae-kyoo recently said Tatler: “I thought it was very important that the actors be very close to the characters we wanted to play. In the end, I really chose the actors who resemble their characters in real life, especially if they were particularly emotional in their own ways, which I thought was also a plus.”

Read on for everything you need to know about the cast of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix.

All of Us Are Dead cast: Full list of Netflix thriller characters

Lee Yoo-mi as Na Yeon

Lee Yoo-mi in We’re All Dead (Netflix)

Instagram: @leeyoum262.

Who is Na Yeon? Na Yeon is a wealthy, uptight college student who likes to spread rumors and pass judgments on her classmates. Viewers will see her as a villain, according to Lee Yoo-mi.

“I can’t wait to show you my character Na Yeon, and I know many of you might hate the character and hate me for the character, but in the future, and because of that, I wish I could maybe introduce you to a charming and endearing character,” she said during a virtual press conference ahead of All of Us Are Dead’s release date.

What else has she been in? Lee Yoo-mi due will probably be best known to Western audiences for her role in Squid Game, where she played Ji-yeong (player 240), the young woman who made a huge sacrifice for North Korean defector Kang Sae-byeok in marble. Game.

She has also appeared in other South Korean hits, including The Yellow Sea (2010), Young Adult Matters (2020), and My Holo Love (2020).

Yoon Chan-young plays Lee Cheong-san

Chan-young Yoon We're All Dead

Yoon Chan-young in We’re All Dead (Netflix)

Instagram: @yooncy1.

Who is Lee Cheongsan? Cheong-san is a Hyosan High School student who is secretly in love with Nam On-jo.

What else has Yoon Chan-young been in? Yoon Chan-young is a South Korean actor with a wealth of experience, having previously starred in TV series such as Nobody Knows, Uisa Yohan and Still 17. Most recently, the actor appeared in the TV series Do You Like Brahms.

Park Ji-Hoo plays Nam On-jo

Park Ji-hoon in We're All Dead (Netflix)

Park Ji-hoon in We’re All Dead (Netflix)

Instagram: @03_hu.

Who is Nam On-jo? Nam On-jo is Cheong-san’s neighbor and childhood friend, but she doesn’t reciprocate his romantic feelings. Her father is a firefighter and she puts the skills he taught her to good use during the zombie outbreak.

“I think I’m actually very similar to my character because we’re both a little goofy, very optimistic, and I like hanging out with my friends. At many times, I thought to myself if I was On-ju, I would have done the same,” Park Ji-hoo told Tatler of her character.

What else has Park Ji-hoo been in? Park Ji-hoo is an 18-year-old South Korean actress who made her acting debut in 2016’s Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned. She is perhaps best known for her role in 2018’s House of Hummingbird. is the youngest cast member of All of Us Are Dead.

Cho Yi-hyun plays Choi Nam Ra

Cho Yi-hyun in We're All Dead (Netflix)

Cho Yi-hyun in We’re All Dead (Netflix)

Instagram: @yihyun_1208.

Who is Choi Nam-ra? Choi Nam-ra is one of the students trapped in the zombie virus outbreak at Hyosan High School. She is the class president and a top student, and although she initially avoids interaction with her peers, when disaster strikes, she joins the On-jo team and eventually lets down her walls.

“I think Nam-ra is very charming because she stays put during all the crises when everyone is in a panic. She’s very insightful and that’s what really attracted me to her. And because my character gets different later in the show, i went to acting school and took a lot of acting lessons to show my expressions and how i would use my fingers and the rest of my body,” actress Yi-hyun explained to Tatler.

What else has Cho Yi-hyun been into? Yi-hyun debuted in 2017’s Sweet Revenge web series. Since then, the 22-year-old South Korean star has appeared in some of the world’s biggest K-dramas, from My Country: The New Age Back in 2019 and Hospital Playlist of 2020 to Inspector Koo in 2021. His role in School of 2021 won him Best Couple at the KBS Drama Awards.

Park Solomon plays Lee Soo-hyeok

we are all dead

Park Jihoo (left) and Park Solomon (right) in We’re All Dead (Netflix)

Who is Lee Soo Hyeok? Lee Soo-hyeok is an athletic and fearless student who tries to fend off the wave of zombies when they invade his suburban high school Hyosan.

What else has Park Solomon been in? Solomon rose to fame in the 2014 series Bride of the Century. He has since appeared in a handful of popular South Korean dramas, such as 2016’s Doctors, and 2017’s Lookout and Sweet Revenge.

Yoo In-Soo plays Yoon Gwi Nam

Instagram @k.a_insoo

Who is Yoon Gwi Nam? Gwi-nam is the school’s notorious bully, who doesn’t hesitate to inflict pain on his classmates.

What else has Yoo In-Soo been in? The South Korean actor has starred in a number of hit TV dramas in South Korea. These range from 2020’s Stranger 2 and At a Distance to 2019’s Love Alarm and 2021’s Spring is Green.

Support the cast in All of Us Are Dead

The cast of We’re All Dead is rounded out by Lee Eun-Saem (Park Mi-Jin), Ha Seung-Ri (Jang Ha-Ri), Kim Bo-Yoon (Seo Hyo-Ryung), Ahn Seung-Kyoon (Oh Joon -Young), Jin Ho-Eun (Jang Min-Jae), Ahn Ji-Ho (Kim Cheol-Soo), Shin Jae-Hwi (Chang-Hoon), and Kim Jin-Young (Kim Ji-Min).

We’re All Dead is currently available to stream on Netflix. See our lists of best series on netflix and the best movies on netflixor see what else is going on with our tv guide.


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