Vegan Travel Show is looking for co-hosts in LA: here’s how to apply


Have you ever watched a game show or reality TV and thought to yourself, “It must be so much fun to host a show like this? »Do you like to share the benefits of veganism with those around you? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! Vegan travel show is looking for co-hosts in Los Angeles: here’s how to apply and more information about the position.

Vegan Travel Show by vKind, Vibes

vKind is a digital platform that showcases vegan products, professionals, businesses and services. This fall, the brand announced its new venture with main sponsor Vejii, a vegan lifestyle travel show called Vibrations! The series, which begins in early December, will feature several Southern California plant companies. This is where you come in!

VKind’s vegan travel show, Vibrations, is looking for four upbeat herbivores to co-host the show. They are currently accepting submissions for those interested in participating and there is an epic range of prices.

What do the winners of the Vibes Co-Host competition win?

What do the winners of the Vibrations winner of the co-organizer competition? To get started, the four winners will receive a loot bag of vegan products worth $ 250. In addition, each winner will be able to participate in one of the following experiences:

  • Free vegan tattoo by renowned tattoo artist Asia Rain
  • Transportation of groceries to a vegan market in the Supermarket scan
  • Breakfast at Plant Power Fast Food and a behind-the-scenes look at what’s going on in the kitchen, led by the restaurant’s co-founder
  • A trip with award-winning TV personality Allyson Spellman to the epic plant-based food festival Vegan Depot that highlights some of Southern California’s best vegan pop-ups and food trucks

How to enter the vKind Vegan Travel Show contest

Before we get into the details of how to enter vKind’s Vegan Travel Lounge Contest, let’s go over some of the requirements. For starters, films in the series in the Greater Los Angeles area and transportation will not be covered, so residents of Southern California are encouraged to apply. In addition, filming will take place on November 5 and 6. Applicants who register must be available on both days.

To apply, visit the vKind website where you will complete a questionnaire and upload a video (60 seconds or less) explaining to vKind why you would be the perfect co-host for Vibrations! You can mention which of the four experiences you prefer. After that, cross your fingers and wait for vKind to announce the winner on Friday October 15th.

For more information on vKind and the new Vibrations series, visit

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