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However, different regions of the United States exhibit slightly different behavior when it comes to entertainment spending. The Midwest leads the country in average annual entertainment spending, at $ 3,368, and entertainment spending as a percentage of overall household spending, at 5.6%. Interestingly, this phenomenon does not appear to be strongly related to income levels: the South and Midwest have similar average pre-tax incomes of around $ 78,000, but Midwesterners spend almost $ 1,000 more per year on entertainment. than their southern counterparts.

At the local level, the highest spending on entertainment is spread across the country and, like regions, includes both higher and lower income areas. For example, a household in Minneapolis and a household in San Francisco spend about the same total amount on entertainment, even though the typical income in San Francisco is over $ 40,000 higher.

The data used in this study comes from the BLS Consumer expenditure survey. To identify which major US subways spend the most on entertainment, researchers calculated total entertainment spending as a proportion of total spending for each location. In the event of a tie, the location with the highest total entertainment spend was ranked higher. Only the largest metropolitan statistical areas with available data from the BLS were included in the analysis.

Here are the major US subways that spend the most on entertainment.


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