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Silver ball

6.30 p.m., ITV

Ian Wright’s new “high risk” game show, where the amount of money to be won is determined by a ball dropped from a height chosen by the contestant. With the most affable man in football turning out to be a natural host and big bundles of money going missing because of a stupid ball, it’s easy to get carried away without thinking, until you suddenly realize what you are looking at and wonder how Saturday night got there. Hollie richardson

Come dance strictly

7:10 p.m., BBC One

Prepare the plastic bats and fake spider webs: Strictly goes crypt-ly for a Halloween special. That means a mash of opening monsters from the pros paying homage to classic horror villains before the remaining couples try to survive. Graeme Vertu

The 1980s: Music’s Greatest Decade? With Dylan Jones

8:55 p.m., BBC Two

A ridiculously subjective conversation that many of us will have had: What is music’s greatest decade? Dylan Jones continues to advocate for the ’80s, honoring “true originals” such as David Bowie, Adam Ant, Tina Turner, Duran Duran and Sade Adu with extensive archives. Phil harrison

Paris Police 1900

9 p.m., BBC Four

As this striking and stylish drama comes to an end, the Dreyfus affair has divided France into two camps. This polarity creates space for all kinds of intrigue. Nationalist Guérin awaits his chance to seize power, while anarchists cement an unexpected alliance. With the soul of the nation at stake, expect fireworks. PH

Capote bands

9 p.m., Sky Documentaries

Truman Capote left his most controversial work unfinished when he died in 1984. Answered Prayers painted a not-too-pretty portrait of the jet-set society of the author of “swans” such as Slim Keith and Babe Paley. Through unseen sound and interviews, this documentary reveals how the untold story led to the downfall of Capote’s legacy. TIME

Spitting Image: Halloween Special

9:30 p.m., ITV

Halloween seems redundant, given the horror spectacle we are experiencing. Spitting Image is back to mark the occasion. Olivia Colman and Raheem Sterling are two of the latest victims of the revived satirical puppet series, joining the most terrifying “characters” as they find themselves in the double, the double, the toil and the trouble. TIME

Choice of films

The Exorcist
Saturday, 10:40 p.m., BBC Two

Linda Blair and Jason Miller in The Exorcist. Photograph: Allstar Picture Library Ltd./Alamy Stock Photo

Have mercy on the poor parents whose child decides to dress up as Linda Blair’s Regan for Halloween this year. As Mercedes McCambridge expressed it, she is a demon who vomits projectiles and her mouth potty, with no respect for a cross. This fantastic creation is etched in memory in William Friedkin’s seminal horror of 1973, as his mother Ellen Burstyn and Catholic priests Jason Miller and Max von Sydow fight to save the possessed 12-year-old girl. Beyond the spinning heads and frightening subliminal imagery, it’s also a touching exploration of faith and guilt. Simon wardell

Live sport

Premier League football: Leicester City v Arsenal Sat, 11:30 am, BT Sport 1. From King Power Stadium.

T20 Cricket World Cup: England v Australia Sat, 2:30 p.m. Sky Sports Main Event. Group 1 match coverage.

Premier League football: Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United Sat, 5 p.m., Sky Sports Main Event. From Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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