TV host marries gorgeous UK wedding


Wedding bells are ringing for a beloved TV personality. Indiana Black, better known as “Frosk” or “Froskurinn“, married in a ceremony held in the United Kingdom froskwho co-hosts G4TV’s xplay, revealed the news via Twitter on Sunday, writing, “I got married. Had a great time. Saw friends. Relaxed. Coming home soon and ready to walk. Not burning my baby watch!” She followed up the reveal on Tuesday with a photo of herself and now-wife Josie Bellerby. She simply captioned the still, “So I did the thing.”

The TV star and performance designer was greeted with a chorus of well-wishes from friends and fans in light of the news. Rachel “Seltzer” Quirico tweeted, “Congratulations!! And what a beautiful picture! I wish you both so much happiness!!” LCS Analyst Emily Rand wrote“Congratulations to you both! ^ ^ (Plus, your outfits are both stunning.)”

Frosk, who is also the star of G4 Dungeons & Dragons To display party invitationalso received warm wishes from his colleague xplay personalities. Adam Sessler wrote: “Enjoy the thing. Lots of love.” golden boy tweeted, “WOOHOOO!!!! Congratulations to you both!!!!” Emily Rose Jacobson added, “Congratulations to you both! What a great picture of you all!”

The gaming personality once opened up about the engagement during a June 17 Tweeternoting that she would be absent xplay for two weeks to celebrate the nuptials. She humorously added that they “hilariously impacted at least three major esports ecosystems via invites.” Photos from the wedding, which took place in the UK, appeared on Instagram, along with other designers Christy Frison and xplay alum Abby Russell among the guests.

Frosk previously opened up about his relationship with Bellerby in a 2020 ESPN interview about her on-screen fashion. While discussing the evolution of her style, she said: “It (fashion) then turned into the next obsession when I arrived in Berlin and met my current partner. She’s a designer of theater and costumes and much more stylish than me.”

Frosk is regularly seen on xplay, both on its live talk show episodes and its scripted review installments airing on the network’s linear channel. In early 2020, she became the target of a harassment campaign in response to a xplay segment in which she defended herself and other creators in the game space who receive repeated sexist criticism from male viewers. The backlash from Frosk’s remarks stirred up a lot of dust but was ultimately unnecessary. Frosk and his fellow G4 personalities continued to create excellent programs without seemingly having a negative effect on viewership.

xplay airs weekly live streams on Twitch and YouTube which are then shown on G4’s cable channel and streaming options such as Pluto TV. The show’s scripted content airs on linear platforms, with clips shared with Youtube. party invitation is currently between seasons, but Season 1 is available to watch on YouTube. Frosk was also one of the hosts of the now canceled esports variety show Boostedwhich is also available via Youtube.


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