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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Brides-to-be head to The Ruffled Cup’s annual bridal show, tasting and seeing what’s on offer when it comes to wedding cakes.

“I always tell my wives that people come to weddings for two reasons. See you in your dress and eat a slice of wedding cake. So we know how important it is for the cake to be perfect,” said Deanna Hurt, owner of The Ruffled Cup.

Hurt said at the annual bridal show that brides and their families can come out and see what the ruffled cut has to offer.

“We just give them a full overview of how we make the wedding cake, what separates The Ruffled Cup from our competition, and let them make their choice there,” Hurt said.

Hurt added that choosing a wedding cake can be stressful and said the bridal show is a casual thing to do on a Sunday with no obligation.

At Sunday’s bridal show, in addition to the meet and greet with the cake decorators and cake tasting, there was also a Sweets and Meats deli and a free mimosa bar and the event went on. finished with a cake dive for the chance to win a free wedding cake.

Hurt said typically 50 to 75 brides attend the event and brides reserve cakes on the day of the bridal show.

“Maybe 10 to 15 to 20 brides will book with us that day and if not today they will work with us later,” Hurt added.

Hurt said it was a great feeling to be selected to be part of someone’s big day.

If you have reserved your wedding cake at the wedding fair, you benefit from free delivery on the day of the event.

“We know how important the wedding cake is to people and we know they trust us with this service and it means a lot to us and we put our hearts into everything we do here. And we know a wedding cake is a big deal, so we try to make it as perfect as possible,” Hurt said.

Hurt said tons of preparation goes into the show, from advertising the event to making the cakes the brides will taste and cleaning up the boutique. She also spoke to other vendors who would like to promote their wedding offerings.

Hurt said it was all worth it in the end.


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