The Rise and Journey of Elisabeth Moss: Multi-Award Winning Actress of “The Handmaid’s Tale” and More


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“There’s nothing quite like putting yourself in character and seeing a different person. It really wears out your vanity. – Elisabeth Moss

Elisabeth Moss has been on the acting scene since 1990, and after thirty years she was voiced by Vulture the queen of Peak TV ”. The Californian actress is best known for her roles in AMC ‘Mad Men’ and by Hulu “The Handmaid’s Tale”, while gracing the big screen in blockbuster films such as ‘We’ and ‘The invisible Man’.

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Let’s take a look at Elisabeth Moss’ journey

A childhood actress

Moss graduated from high school two years earlier to make his way into the art scene, being homeschooled for part of that time to balance her education and career. The daughter of musicians Ron and Linda Moss, she originally wanted to be a dancer and studied at the School of American Ballet in New York City, but ended up becoming a full-time actress. She had a checkered career as a child actress, getting her first role at just eight years old in the NBC miniseries. “Lucky luck”. She would take on many roles throughout her childhood and teenage years, including voice work for shows such as “Batman: The Animated Series” and ‘Animanes’, with his big break up in 1999 when Moss joined the cast of ‘The West Wing’.

‘The West Wing’ has enjoyed lasting popularity for many reasons, including the popularization of the iconic Aaron Sorkin ‘walk and talk’. The show about White House staff ran for seven seasons over seven years and featured Moss as President Josiah Bartlett and First Lady Abigail Barlett’s youngest daughter, Zoey Barlett. This would be Moss’ oldest role until he took over from Peggy Olson in “Mad Men”.

Become the “Queen of Peak TV”

Moss exploded on the public’s radar when she arrived in the cast of Matthew Weiner’s “Mad Men”. Peggy Olson starts off as Don Draper’s secretary (Jon hamm) before making her way to the job of copywriter – the first woman to hold the job since The Second World War. Peggy has arguably the most interesting arc in the series, gaining confidence and power that is reflected both in her increasingly modern styles and in her rise to power at Sterling Cooper.

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Moss’s next role would be less well-known but just as critically acclaimed. Although nominated for a Golden Globe for her role as Peggy Olson, Moss would win one for her performance as Robin Griffin in Jane campion (‘The piano’, ‘The portrait of a lady’) and Gerard lee (‘Breath’, ‘My mistress’) “At the top of the lake”. In this two-season crime drama, Moss plays Detective Robin Griffin who becomes obsessed with the disappearance of a twelve-year-old pregnant girl. The first season was filmed in Glenorchy, New Zealand – where scenes from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ also took place – while the second season, ‘Top of the Lake: China Girl’, was filmed in Sydney. The first season premiered in 2013 Sundance Film Festival, with the second played at cannes film festival in 2017.

“I like characters that have two different things, whether it’s Robin from ‘Top Of The Lake’ who has that strength juxtaposed with vulnerability and who suffers, or whether it’s Peggy from ‘Mad Men’ with her naivety and her a kind of idiocy at times, combined with her intelligence and her courage to really do what she was doing at the time. – Elisabeth Moss, Le Gardien 2016

“Top of the Lake: China Girl” wasn’t Moss’s only critical TV hit of 2017. In April of that year, Magaret Atwood’s dark and timely adaptation of “The Handmaid’s Tale” was released on Hulu and is became an instant hit. The series, which was renewed for a fifth season in December last year, explores the dystopian The United States renamed Gilead, in which a religious group stages a coup amid plummeting fertility rates. Moss steps into the red shoes of Offred AKA June, a maid who tries to survive – and later rebel – in this difficult new world. The show, created by Bruce miller (“Eureka”, ‘Alpha’) and also stars Yvonne strahovski (‘Mandrel’, ‘Dexter’), Joseph Fiennes (American Horror Story’, ‘Shakespeare in love’), and Samira riley (‘Orange is the new black’, ‘The babysitter’), brought home Prime-time emmys, Golden globes and BAFTA.

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Big screen star

Moss may be best known for her iconic movie roles, but she also has a number of blockbuster movies under her belt. She appeared in several TV dramas as well as in theatrical releases during her childhood days, and took on the role of Polly from the classic ‘Girl interrupted’ in 1999. She has dabbled in a number of genres over the years, including comedies such as “Take it to Greek”, dramas like ‘Day Zero’, and novels such as ‘The one I love’.

His most recent roles have proven that horror is a genre where Moss can shine as well. She portrayed Kitty Tyler and her underground double Dahlia in Jordan peele second feature film “Us”, and that of Cecilia Kass in At Leigh Whannell’s ‘The invisible Man’ – one of the last films to be released in theaters pre-COVID closures. Other notable movie roles for Moss include Claire Walsh in crime drama ‘The kitchen’, following the wives of jailed New York gangsters, her turn as self-destructive punk rocker Becky Something in ” His smell “, and like Dorothy in the charming biography “The old man and the gun”.

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Moss is far from finished adding prestigious titles to this already long and impressive list. She will appear in that of Wes Anderson last piece ‘The French dispatch’ and also Taika Waititi “The next goal wins”, none of which has yet been released due to COVID-19[female[feminine. She also has three projects announced in pre-production: the television series “The brilliant girls”, the characteristic “Running the rabbit race”, and the TV movie “She will get up”.

“I just think good stories are stories that connect us and each other.” – Elisabeth Moss, The Guardian 2017

Elisabeth Moss has given a varied and complex body of work during her three decades on the screen. His work spans a range of mediums and genres, each of which showcases his undeniable range and talent. We can’t wait to see what she achieves next or whatever future surprises this iconic actress has in store for us.

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