The 4th of July weekend will see fireworks and isolated rains / thunderstorms statewide


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – For the remainder of the evening, isolated showers and thunderstorms will remain in the state but will seek to die out and pass into the early evening. Some of these storms could be severe and result in moderate to heavy precipitation, large hail, and strong, high winds. This will lead to a clearer night sky in Wyoming and cooler temperatures, but they will stay in the 60s and 50s statewide. The stationary frontal boundary acts as a catalyst for the onset of these storms, but they are short lived. Throughout the night expect it to be calmer, especially as the winds seem to stay lighter throughout the night.

July 4: The heat will return, pushing temperatures into the 80s and 90s higher for much of the state. The sun will dominate the sky until early afternoon, when more showers and thunderstorms appear to be occurring. They are unlikely to become severe or last for a long time. Likely to mimic Saturday conditions of brief storms and showers. These storms appear to die out again before Sunday night begins, with chances of seeing an isolated thunderstorm in Cheyenne early before the fireworks show. The sun will predominantly dominate the state except for brief moments the heat will be right behind it. For the most part, conditions are favorable for the July 4th festivities. For everyone, be prepared for a brief downpour or thunderstorm, so keep rain gear close!

Temperatures will remain in their ’80s and’ 90s summer realm with chances in Wyoming’s SE Corridor of showers and thunderstorms pop-up for the next few days. In Cheyenne a very high chance of seeing thunderstorms on Monday.

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