Susanna Reid defends her high salary on TV as MP says 82k is ‘dark’


usanna reid has defended her lucrative television salary following the MP salary dispute.

The father of the House of Commons, 77, proposed MPs are expected to be paid the same as GPs – whose average salary in England is £ 100,700. The average UK salary is £ 31,461.

Good Morning Britain guest and former Tory MP Michael Portillo lashed out at Ms Reid when he asked if MPs should be paid the same as TV presenters.

He said on Thursday: “Or TV presenters? What to say about this? What if they got paid like TV presenters? Could this be the right one?

Ms Reid replied, “Well, the difference is, of course, that the TV presenters are not paid out of public money on this channel. So I’m not sure the comparison applies.

Things got more and more delicate as the debate unfolded in the TV studio.

Mr Portillo said: “But are you saying that because people work in the public sector, there can be no market consideration?”

Ms Reid added: “” I’m not saying anything… If Sir Peter Bottomley is struggling with £ 82,000 a year, I think he has every right to say that and express that point of view. “

It comes after Mr Bottomley’s comment raised eyebrows on the day universal credit was cut for the most vulnerable living in poverty.

He told the New statesman: “I think being an MP is the greatest honor you can have, but a general practitioner in politics should be paid roughly the same salary as a general practitioner. Doctors are paid far too little these days.

“But if they were getting around £ 100,000 a year, the equivalent for an MP to have the same standard of living would be £ 110 to £ 115,000 a year – now is never a good time, but if your MP not worth the money, better to change the MP than to change the money.

The MP said the pay was “desperate” for his new colleagues.

He added: “I don’t know how they are doing. It is truly sinister.

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