“Superfly” star rapper Kaalan Walker has 30 sexual assault “victims”: DA


More than 30 women came forward with complaints Superfly Actor and rapper Kaalan “KR” Walker raped or sexually assaulted them in a spate of alleged assaults dating back to at least 2013, Los Angeles prosecutors told a judge in a Los Angeles courtroom on Monday.

The staggering number, which Walker’s camp is disputing, was cited by Deputy District Attorney Yasmin Fardghassemi ahead of a trial due to start next month. The serial rape case stems from Walker’s first arrest in 2018 on charges, he lured aspiring models to photo ops under the pretext of helping their careers and attacked them.

Walker, 26, has pleaded not guilty to six counts of forced rape, two counts of illegal sex with a minor and other crimes related to 11 alleged victims in Los Angeles County, according to court documents obtained by Rolling stone.

Prosecutors argued on Monday that in addition to the 11 alleged victims, they had the right to call five other accusers to the witness stand during the trial to question them about alleged assaults similar to the alleged offenses but not giving rise to result in criminal proceedings. Walker’s lawyer Andrew Flier argued that the addition of the women would lengthen the next jury trial by one month and effectively allow prosecutors to “bolster” the “weaker” allegations underlying the case. .

“As we look at this whole case, over 30 victims, people are not unreasonable in their selection of just a few victims with regard to [prior bad acts] purposes, ”replied Fardghassemi.

Judge Joseph Brandolino ultimately said he would allow four of the five people to testify, including a woman who allegedly met Walker at a concert in downtown Los Angeles and traveled with him to a hotel under the pretext of ” attend an evening with a concert performer. At the hotel, Walker allegedly raped the woman.

Prosecutors say the alleged hotel attack is relevant because of its similarity to a count claiming Walker raped a woman in January 2014 after meeting her at a nightclub and driving her to a car parked in an alleyway. Both incidents involved women who first met Walker in public places hours after their alleged assaults, and both involved DNA evidence that allegedly matched Walker, prosecutors said Monday.

Walker attended the hearing on Monday, but his lawyer spoke for him. “Mr. Walker was in consensual and voluntary contact with each of these women. There is no rape by kidnapping. There is no forced rape. Supposedly, he gives them information such as,” Hey, I could put you in a movie. I could put you in a rap video. I could make a star. And that’s what makes them do things that they maybe wouldn’t normally want to do. And now that the fame and fame hasn’t come to fruition, they’re lying and saying he assaulted them, ”Flier said. Rolling stone. “We think each of these young women is lying.”

Two of Walker’s accusers who discussed their allegations on social media recount Rolling stone they believe Walker is a dangerous repeat offender who will hurt more women if he is not convicted.

Model Sydney Stanford said she contacted Walker on Instagram after hearing he was a photographer and agreed to shoot with him in Los Angeles in 2017, when she was 19. She claims he raped her in a locked car the night they first met. (She is not among the alleged victims in the criminal case, but says she reported it to police and spoke with prosecutors.)

“Overall the only way I feel, and I’m sure the other girls do too, is just that we can’t wait for this to be over,” Stanford said. “It’s been a long time for all of us, and I just hope that bringing this case to fruition gives other women a voice and the same.”

“The prosecutor said more than 30 women had contacted prosecutors with allegations,” Stanford notes. “These are 30 women who had the strength and who within themselves had the strength to go to the police. So imagine how many girls are still left there that he hurt or hurt that didn’t go to the police, didn’t make that call, were too scared to say something. Like, imagine how many different humans he did that to?

Another accuser, the model Tiara Kelly, tells Rolling stone“I’m happy that a trial date has finally been set after three years. It has taken too long for that to happen, which has resulted in even more women being injured. He has shown repeatedly a pattern of aggression, pedophilia, manipulation (behavior) and has no remorse for (his) actions.

Stanford and Kelly have already spoken to Hollywood unlocked in an on-site interview that detailed their alleged experiences with Walker. Kelly says Walker raped her after agreeing to meet him for a photoshoot in 2014.

Walker has released rap music under the name “KR” and has also performed alongside Halle Berry and Daniel Craig in kings, a 2017 indie drama set against the backdrop of public unrest caused by the police beating of Rodney King. He then played Juju gang member in 2018 Superfly, an action film produced by rapper Future as a remake of the 1972 blaxploitation film Super fly.

Walker faces life imprisonment if convicted of the charges. His trial in Van Nuys, Calif., Is scheduled to begin on January 11, 2022.


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