Sunrise host Nat Barr pokes fun at Christmas tree decorating accident


Natalie Barr has opened up about an unfortunate Christmas decorating incident on the Sunrise set.

The Bunbury-raised TV host was surrounded by several impeccably styled Christmas trees for the show, but there was one small problem.

Red and gold balls, with the words “ho” scattered around a tree behind her, leaving an awkward background when she appeared on camera.

The decorations were taken off the set after viewers noticed and wrote on the show.

But Barr herself took it all in a good mood, sharing a photo of herself surrounded by balls as she laughed at her Instagram fans.

“Really love our studio’s Christmas decorations this year .. # hohoho,” she wrote.

“Don’t believe it for a second Nat,” replied one fan.

Barr has been a popular host on the show after taking over the reins from Samantha Armytage earlier this year.

In September, she warmed up in front of viewers after paying a moving tribute to her late father as part of a Heart and Stroke Foundation segment.

For the association’s Give With Heart day, she spoke about her father who died at the age of 61 two decades ago.

“I thought I could do it, I’m sorry,” she said.

“50 people die of heart disease every day, I don’t think we’re giving it the attention it deserves.

“It destroys your family and you never forget it and you really never get over it.”

“Our family went through this 20 years ago, like many many Australian families.

Barr said it was not just the personal impact of heart disease, but the impact it had on loved ones that needed to be highlighted.

“We can do things to prevent heart disease and that’s the message of the Heart and Stroke Foundation,” she said.

“We can try to eat as healthy as possible, we can try to exercise, we can try to have our blood pressure checked.

“We can do our best and stay as healthy as possible for our families. “


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