Sunrise host David Koch absent from program after health crisis


Sunrise host David Koch was nowhere to be found on Wednesday morning after a health alert the day before saw him disappear from screens.

Popular Sunrise host David Koch was notably absent from the show on Wednesday morning after leaving three hours earlier the day before.

On Tuesday, Kochie disappeared from the screens during a commercial break after just 25 minutes on the air.

His sudden departure was announced by Natalie Barr, who told viewers that her co-presenter was suffering from an attack of laryngitis.

“You might notice something a little different,” she told the camera Tuesday morning.

“Kochie came in [and] he bravely fought for about 25 minutes.

“He had laryngitis yesterday and apparently he still has it. He couldn’t really speak.

Before he left, viewers noticed the TV star struggled with a hoarse voice, and he was soon replaced by sports presenter Mark Beretta.

On Wednesday, he was replaced by veteran presenter Michael Usher.

Kochie’s health dramas come at an inconvenient time for the program, given the Reserve Bank of Australia’s historic interest rate hike yesterday by 25 basis points to 0.35% – a topic that would normally be largely covered by the economic guru.

His health scare also comes just a few days after the Sunrise the hosts have clashed with Labor leader Anthony Albanese over the televised debates he will take part in.

Mr Albanese made the rounds of breakfast TV on his first morning out of Covid isolation, with each network vying to host a competition between him and Scott Morrison.

In an exchange with the hosts, Mr Albanese said he had a “long standing” commitment which meant he would not be available on Thursday night.

“Look, Scott Morrison tried to say, ‘I’ll decide when each debate is,'” Mr Albanese said.

Koch shot back, “Well, we’re going to get our people to talk to your people and the ScoMo people because I think we need a debate.”

Sunrise has been a ratings juggernaut for Seven for nearly a decade, with 2021 the 18th year in a row it has ranked number 1 in its timeslot.

The breakfast show has also landed the top spot every day nationally for the past three years.


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