Stephen Colbert mocks Florida over COVID in monologue



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Stephen Colbert did not mince his words when discussing the current and dire Florida situation on Thursday night.

The “Late Show” host managed to do some research on our handling of coronavirus peak cases, particularly on the Gulf Coast.

In his opening monologue, at around seven minutes, Colbert commented on a recent Associated Press article that health officials attributed the spike in COVID infections to “relentless tourism” and “a disregard of precautions. basic health ”.

“Coincidentally, ‘relentless tourism and disregard for basic health precautions’ is also the motto of the state of Florida,” he said with a laugh. Then an image edited with this phrase placed under the state seal flashed on the screen.

The TV personality then said that a recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid COVID should be: “Do not go to Florida.”

After more teasing, Colbert ended with a photo from AP’s story of people near a giant shark structure in front of a tourist-looking store: “If only there was some kind of metaphor for walking around willingly in the jaws of fate! ” (Actually, this photo was taken outside of the famous Souvenir City in Gulf Shores, Alabama, but we understand its drift.)

Florida has long been a fodder for late-night comedians during the ongoing pandemic.

Earlier this summer, Jimmy Kimmel compared it to a brutal dictatorship during a spot on the “2021 Python Challenge,” in which wranglers win awards for capturing invasive snakes in the Everglades.

“In North America, North Korea, the Sunshine State, every now and then we like to watch what’s going on, and tonight we’re doing it again in a Gov. [Ron] The DeSantis edition of ‘This Week in Florida’, ”Kimmel said.

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