Sports presenter PAUL KENNEDY confirms his departure from ABC NEWS BREAKFAST


Spectator’s Favorite Paul “PK” Kennedy has been on Brekky since the program launched in 2008.

“I have enjoyed working on live television for 13 years,” says Kennedy. “I remember being on the couch for that first show – we didn’t have an audience and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. We started talking to the camera and the audience grew and I felt like we grew up with it.

“The new role is really exciting. I will find and tell sports stories for all ABC platforms including 7.30 and ABC Sport online. As usual, my narration will be heavily focused on Australian communities.

Original News Breakfast host, Virginie trioli took to Instagram to congratulate Kennedy on his accomplishments

Oh it makes me cry. It’s the end of an incredible era with the departure of Paul, the last member of our original team. For over a decade, we worked so hard on a show we loved so much to make it the success it is today.

Paul’s talents are evident to anyone who watches even for a moment: but his qualities as a human being are what bonded us as friends and kept us through good and difficult times. Paul – well done. All.

ABC News Breakfast Presenter Tony Armstrong (Image – ABC)

Tony armstrong, a man from Barranbinya, joined the ABC a year ago after a playing career with the Adelaide Crows, Sydney Swans and Collingwood. Having replaced PK for most of this year, he now occupies a permanent place on the Brekky sofa alongside Lisa Millar, Michael rowland, Nate Byrne and Madeleine Morris.

“First of all, a big thumbs up to PK for the incredible job he did in this role,” Armstrong said. “He’s unreal at what he does, but even better as a person. He took me under his wing from the second I walked into the place.

“I am really delighted to officially start with the News Breakfast team and pumped to continue to get to know them and our valued audience better.

“I don’t take it lightly when it comes to the new role. I understand the importance of having a representation of my people on the screens. I love to be a part of that – and I love that in giving me the opportunity, ABC is a part of that as well. “

PK said goodbye this morning News Breakfast with a cake and special tributes from some of his many fans.

Said the co-host Lisa Millar:

“Paul brought not only his expertise to the role of sports presenter, but also an incredible dedication to the causes close to his heart. He is a virtuoso interviewer, a wizard of the mind and his knowledge of all things of the 80s is unmatched. He leaves a huge legacy.

Michael rowland added:

“With Paul, it’s never a question of which team won and by how many points. He brings real substance and is a fierce champion of women in sport.

“Tony has already made a good impression on the team and our viewers. He has MCG-sized personality and wisdom beyond his years. He is a great addition to the program.


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