Shaq le Yungin talks about falling in love again after terrible heartbreak [Video]


In an interview with Live Pulse Presenter Miss Phyll, Shaq insisted grief was not enough to deter him from pursuing love again.

“It’s out there in the audience, na nimechoka hata kuifikiria, I try to forget it, but it is what it is. I’ll say that’s life and everyone has it It’s crazy but very revealing but what can we do, we learn and you grow.

“I will never say no to love. If it comes to me in the future, I will give the person I find all the love I want, but right now I am relaxing. Sahi niko rue mbaya, any niiteni street i will be there massive”, Shaq said.

The radio personality also addressed critics who alleged he was looking for weight by allegedly claiming his girlfriend dumped him for his best friend.

“It’s very real, mimi sina ngoma ya kudrop, hata sijashoot and i don’t intend to do anything, it’s actually real life and this thing has exploded on the internet. It’s something that’s been going on for a month and a half but people around me kept telling me because you know he’s my best friend na huyu ni manzi yangu and we’ve been together for almost a year now, “ Shaq le Yungin clarified.

Shaq also admitted that at one point their relationship was on and off.

“We’ve been on and off because of that same Sean story, so even the time we haven’t spoken. It had been like a month and a half of arguing. So it’s clearly as if she left me but continued to entertain me. I believe one thing, especially women when they move on, they already know who they are going to be with. the NRG the host shared his opinion.

For the past few days, the radio presenter has been writing endless messages, about how he was hurt by his girlfriend Cindy Kipsang.

In a series of posts, he seemed to struggle with the bitter truth that his relationship is over and Cindy is dating her close friend and work colleague Sean Preezy.

“You ruined my whole life Cindy. My mother and all my grandmother think that I lost him but for what. God bless you, but everything you’ve done means thank you bro. I wish I had known that I was less of a brother to you. I have nothing little love but thank you.

“I honestly can’t believe all of this but I’m going to take it all. God bless you guys. I’m done and I don’t want to end up like this. back to normal now sorry if I’m the one that’s hurt Cindy, but it was never meant to end like this. I’m back to normal now, sorry for the drama, but I was supporting you Cindy,” he said.

Shaq then apologized to Cindy for any wrongdoing that may have forced her to end their relationship.

Although Shaq revealed how he was played, Cindy denied the allegations, saying they broke up a long time ago, before moving on.


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