Sarah Bro, Zac Efron’s ex, recounts meeting a Hollywood actor with fits of rage


Zac Efron’s ex, Sarah brother, has more to say about her turbulent past relationship with a celebrity.

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Although Bro didn’t mention the Musical High School alum by name, all signs point to Efron as the anonymous actor in question. Bro had been linked with the superstar via US and Danish media since they were first spotted together in Los Angeles in January 2019.

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Source: MEGA; @ sarahwbro / Instagram

During her appearance on the podcast, Bro recalled her previous stormy relationship, which ranged from their infatuation with each other that prompted the old flames to move in together after their second date, to the raging of the man who led to the disappearance of the couple.

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Bro admitted that her ex had never physically hurt her before revealing that her seizures had taken their toll on her: “He never raised his hand to me, but I think – because I was a swimmer. elite, I’ve been used to being screamed a lot – and that’s something I can’t do now. “

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The blonde beauty candidly admitted that her ex’s depression and manipulation, mixed with her anger, caused her to constantly want to avoid conflict and please him. “He was screaming a lot when he got angry and it really scared me and I wanted to avoid that,” she continued. “But I think above all, it was my own inner feeling that I needed to fix this.”

Bro explained that her romance with the anonymous star fluctuated between extremes before it finally turned the wrong way. She then looked into their abrupt breakup, explaining that she couldn’t reach him while she was at her home in Denmark, so she flew to the United States to find him.

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“At this point, we were living in two places,” Bro said on the podcast, by BT, explaining that she eventually found him in one of her homes. “He opens the door and says, ‘What are you doing? You are here ? she reminded herself.

The confused athlete questioned his ex-now, asking, “What do you mean?” to which he would have replied: “Yes, I told you not to come back.”

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“Then I was like, ‘Sorry, what? “So my heart stopped,” Bro concluded from their last conversation. The 25-year-old stayed in the other house where she had previously looked for him, before moving in with a friend of her. of the swim team.

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Since their meeting, Bro would not have heard from him since.

OKAY! reported that Bro had previously discussed his toxic relationship – allegedly with Efron, although this has not been confirmed – with an anonymous actor on his podcast. She explained this she was “young” and so in love, which caused her to “close her eyes on purpose” to the negative aspects of their relationship. Over time, she barely knew what was “right and wrong,” she confessed.

The athlete added that she felt “so manipulated and almost brainwashed” that she got lost in their unhealthy relationship.


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