Sankara and Ruparelia Foundations to host Hollywood actor Mark Anthony Williams


The Sankara Foundation, in collaboration with the Ruparelia Foundation, is expected to welcome Hollywood actor and writer Mark Anthony Williams to train and inspire children in the film industry.

Thomas Sankara, the founder of the foundation, noted that the organization is currently caring for neglected, homeless, disabled and refugee children across the country, working hand in hand with UNHCR and the cooperation of ex-combatants.

“We tried to help the children in any way we could to allow them to discover themselves, to find what they can do that they didn’t know. Most children go to school, they have to write but here we make them practical, we teach them to do fashion, drawing, painting, football, music, dance and theater and we work hand in hand with the Kampala Kids Theater. “Sankara said.

Sankara said that I wanted to advance film talent among children, the organization partnered with the Ruparelia Foundation to welcome Hollywood film actor, Mark Anthony Williams.

“We are happy to announce that with the Ruparelia Foundation, we will welcome her to the country to help children develop their talents as theater and film directors.

Mark Anthony Williams was born January 9, 1970 in London, England, under the name Mark Anthony Neville Williams. He is an actor and writer, known for Grey’s Anatomy (2005), Saved by the Bell (2020) and Launchpad (2021).

He appreciated Rajiv Ruparelia for his support to the foundation by purchasing a work of art made by the children of the foundation.

Rajiv buys artwork from Sankara Children’s Foundation

“It is a good thing that Rajiv chose to be a part of us in helping children develop their careers through art by purchasing one of the pieces and he offered to give us a space to do all of our works. of art in his hotel while we showcase what we do, ”said Sankara.

Rajiv paid the artwork produced by the Sankara Foundation to the tune of 1000 USD to support their talent.

“I am honored to receive a painting that was painted for me by the children, what inspired me is that it is not Sankara who does it, but he trained the children to do it, this which means it transfers skills to the next generation, ”says Rajiv.

Rajiv said it is good to keep the next generation with diverse skills, which will help them earn a living and boost the country’s economy.

The businessman noted that film actor Mark Anthony comes at a time when the country’s cinema and film industry is developing, which will be boosted by the training and education of the younger generation. in the area.

According to Sankara, the film actor will be accommodated in the country as soon as schools are opened to allow the gathering of children in large numbers.

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