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A month ago, the Carencro High football team weren’t even sure they would have a season. After a series of unlikely events, the team has a coach, a budget and has become the wellness story of the season.

“For me, success is not about winning and losing. It’s about helping these young guys be the best versions of themselves on and off the pitch. “

This is what coach Ted Lasso tells a skeptical journalist in the second episode of the Apple TV series of the same name about an American football coach who transplanted to England to manage a struggling football team.

“Ted Lasso” has unmistakably become the wellness TV series of the season. To each challenge, Coach Lasso responds with kindness. If the show has a theme, it’s about uplifting others with kindness.

Like Lasso, Mark Foreman doesn’t know much about football. But when he heard that Carencro High, his alma mater, had lost his football coach and that the team would be disbanded if they couldn’t find a coach, he felt compelled to help. Mark, a recent law school graduate preparing to take the bar exam in the spring, said he injured the kids on the team who couldn’t play, so he cast his name on the ring to help.

When no one else stepped in, Foreman became the volunteer coach. He then learned that the program did not have the roughly $ 2,000 it would take the team to get to away games.

Acadiana Advocate columnist Jan Risher wrote about the situation and shared a post on Facebook asking people to consider contributing through Venmo to help the team.

As of Friday, Foreman had received $ 3,884, including a donation of $ 550 from actor Brendan Hunt, who plays an assistant coach in “Ted Lasso.”

On Saturday, Ochsner Lafayette General Sports Medicine pledged to match up to $ 5,000 in donations received by December 30.

The support has been so overwhelming that Foreman plans to start a recall club to handle the donations, just like the school has done for baseball and football.

Patricia Thompson, spokesperson for Ochsner Lafayette General, said making the donation was an easy decision.

“Who doesn’t love a good outsider story,” she said. “I hope our game will encourage other companies to follow suit.”

Carencro High opened their season with a brutal loss. Ted Lasso’s team also lost. But that’s not the point.

The skeptical ‘Lasso’ reporter got it: “And while I think Ted Lasso will fail here and Richmond will suffer the embarrassment of relegation, I won’t be happy when that happens. Because I can’t m ‘prevent supporting it. “

Likewise, it looks like Lafayette couldn’t help but root these Carencro bears.


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