Radio 1 DJ Jordan North to host masterclass in Coventry ahead of Big Weekend 2022


Radio 1 DJ Jordan North will host a masterclass in Coventry ahead of Big Weekend 2022. As part of ‘Big Weekend Connects’ – a program to help aspiring Coventry DJs ahead of Big Weekend 2022 – the drivetime presenter will host a special session on Friday, May 20.

This will give young people the opportunity to learn more about working at Radio 1 as well as the radio industry at large. Burnley FC fan Jordan and the Radio 1 team will be on hand to answer all the burning radio questions and share tips during this mammoth masterclass.

“Radio 1 is my dream job and I wouldn’t have gotten here without talking to other creatives and networking,” he said. “Here at Radio 1, we want to inspire the next generation of hosts, producers and content creators.

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“The Radio 1 Masterclass gives us a great opportunity to show young people all the different career paths available and teach them some of the best secrets in radio, leaving them inspired and ready to follow their desires to join the industry. ” More information on the Masterclass hosted by Jordan North is expected over the coming week.

Big Weekend Connects – explained

The masterclass is the finale of “Big Weekend Connects” – which aims to give young people across the city the opportunity to hear from TikTok stars, content creators, graphic designers, journalists, podcasters and more. other pioneers in music, fashion, television and entertainment. Radio 1’s Big Weekend Connects has been supported by the Coventry Cultural Education Partnership (CCEP) which brings together Coventry’s education and culture sectors; working together to ensure that children and young people in the city have the chance to express themselves and fulfill their potential.

It will start on Monday May 16 and run until Wednesday May 18 online and Radio 1 will operate online, giving the public the opportunity to listen to panelists share their insights, insights and valuable advice for those looking to make their first steps in the labor market. “I look forward to hosting Radio 1’s Big Weekend Connects online panels and inviting inspiring guests to share their experiences of the creative industries.

“I hope every young person who watches a session feels inspired and equipped to pursue the career of their dreams,” said Danni Diston. There will also be multiple Q&As with radio professionals, interactive workshops, immersive masterclasses, and resume tips.

There will also be the exclusive possibility for each young participant to apply for an internship at Radio 1. The three-day sessions are as follows:

Social networks and design with:

  • Sarel Madzebra – Actor and Tik-Tok star
  • James Mobbs – Creative Designer
  • Shantania Beckford – Fashion and Beauty Content Creator

Acting, acting and photography with:

  • Ryan Walker-Edwards – Actor
  • Leslie Stowe – Technical Game Artist
  • Veronika J – Photographer

Journalism, Podcasting and Music

More information on how to attend the online sessions can be found here.


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