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The controversial turn of events between former Pakistani host Shoaib Akhtar, PTV – a Pakistani news channel – and its host Nauman Niaz opened a new chapter on Thursday evening. Akhtar criticized the TV station for taking him off the air with Niaz until the investigation into their on-air spat was over. The Rawalpindi Express called the station’s decision “hilarious” and said it “quit in front of 220 million Pakistanis”.

“Well that’s hilarious. I quit in front of 220 million Pakistanis and billions around the world. Is PTV crazy or what? Who are they to turn me off?” Akhtar responded after PTV said he and Niaz “would not be allowed” to be a part of any of the channel’s programs until the investigation was completed.

Akhtar and Niaz got into a fight on PTV’s special “Game On Hai” following Pakistan’s victory over New Zealand in the 2021 T20 World Cup.

The problem apparently started when Niaz – the show’s host – asked Akhtar if Pakistan had ruined the lawsuit against New Zealand. Akhtar disagreed and ignored the host’s line of questioning and instead decided to talk about the Haris Rauf pacemaker.

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“He’s the guy who deserves all the credit. It’s Lahore Qalanders who gave us Haris Rauf,” Akhtar said, pointing to the former test leader as Noman tried to interrupt him.

Niaz, clearly annoyed and irritated, told Akhtar that he had misbehaved with him and ended up asking the former coach to leave the show.

“You’re a little rude and I don’t mean that, but if you’re too smart you can go. I’m saying it on air.” said the host.

Surprised by Niaz’s words, Akhtar tried to respond as quickly as possible but Niaz turned to other guests and finally took a commercial break.

After the break when transmission resumed, there was more drama when Akhtar said he would like to close the unpleasant incident but demanded an apology from the host, who did not budge and began discussing the matter. match.

Minutes later, Akhtar turned to his fellow experts on the show and, after apologizing to them, announced that he was resigning from PTV Sports.

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