Prominent Russian TV presenter says war ‘against Europe and the world’ is underway after Moscow invades Ukraine


Russian TV journalist Vladimir Solovyov said Russia was already waging a “de facto” war against NATO.Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

  • A prominent Russian TV presenter has said that Moscow’s war in Ukraine will spread to Europe and the world.

  • The Kremlin has already started waging a “de facto” war against NATO countries, he said.

  • “Ukrainians alone are no longer enough,” said Vladimir Soloviev, in a clip posted by Julia Davis of The Daily Beast.

A prominent Russian TV presenter has said that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is approaching a “new stage” in which Moscow will find itself at war with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – and by extension, with the whole world.

“I believe that the special military operation is entering a new stage. Ukrainians alone are no longer enough,” Vladimir Solovyov said, according to the translation of a video clip tweeted Thursday by Julia Davis of The Daily Beast.

Video: How Russian Media Shapes War

In the widely shared clip, Solovyov noted that NATO countries have supplied arms to Ukraine. “We will see not only NATO weapons being trained there, but also their operators,” he warned on his “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” program.

Soloviev, a prominent media personality and supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, has often repeated and amplified the Kremlin’s pro-war rhetoric on the public channel Russia-1.

In the clip, he noted that Russia was “beginning to wage war on NATO countries.”

We are going to crush the NATO war machine as well as the citizens of NATO countries,” Soloviev said. “When this operation ends, NATO will have to ask itself: ‘Do we have what we need? to defend ourselves? Do we have the people to defend us?

“And there will be no mercy. There will be no mercy,” he added.

Echoing Putin’s call for “denazification” of Ukraine, Solovyov said: “Not only will Ukraine have to be denazified, but the war against Europe and the world is developing a more specific outline, which means we will have to act differently and act much tougher.”

His comments come as several NATO member states have announced they would provide Ukrainian troops with advanced weapons and heavy artillery and training in how to use the equipment.

For example, United States now sends hundreds of anti-tank “Switchblade” drones designed to crash into targets and explode, as well as dozens of long-range artillery systems called howitzers. Great Britain also said it would provide 120 armored vehicles and anti-ship missile systems.

Soloviev’s recent statements about the war are consistent with what some military analysts and Putin’s reviews predicted: That the Russian leader seeks to control regions beyond Ukraine, especially Eastern Europe.

“You have to understand that, in his head, Putin is not at war with Ukraine,” exiled Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. told CNN on April 4. “He’s at war with the United States and NATO. He’s said that more than once.”

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