Prince Harry smelled of cigarettes and alcohol in every pore, according to TV presenter


Famous American TV host Katie Couric reflected on meeting Prince Harry, 37, in her youth.

The American anchor 64 lifts the veil on the Duke of Sussex’s interview in her new memoir Going There – and she doesn’t paint Meghan Markle’s husband in his best light as she looks back on what she calls her “wild oat seedlings phase.”

Katie, who interviewed the son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana in 2014, claims in her book that when she met Harry at a polo match in Brazil, it was hard to miss the stench of cigarettes and alcohol, and adds that the smell seemed to “seep from every pore” of his body, Online Mail report.

In May, Prince Harry said he was using alcohol and drugs as a method to cope with his failing mental health due to the death of his mother.

The Duke of Sussex openly opened up to Oprah Winfrey during the Apple TV series The me you can’t see.

The father-of-two admitted he was “ready to take drugs” while struggling to deal with the death of Princess Diana and confessed he was “trying to cover something up”.

Harry told Oprah, “I was ready to drink, I was ready to take drugs. I was ready to do the things that made me feel less.

“But I slowly realized that, okay, I wasn’t drinking Monday through Friday, but I would probably drink a week in a day on a Friday or Saturday night.

“And I found myself drinking not because I liked it but because I was trying to cover something up.”

Harry described how the ages of 28 to 32 were a “nightmare” part of his life.

But, he revealed he has since followed his wife Meghan’s advice and sought therapy to help him improve his mental well-being.

He revealed that family members had previously told him to “just play the game and your life will be easier.”

But he admitted it wasn’t for him because he has “a lot of my mother in me”.

He poignantly explained how his long-held memory of his mother is a memory of torment and fear.

“Unfortunately, when I think of my mother, the first thing that comes to my mind is always the same,” he admitted with emotion.

“Buckled up in the car, seatbelt crosswise with my brother in the car as well and my mom driving and chased by three, four, five mopeds with paparazzi on.

“She was still unable to drive due to tears. There was no protection.”

He admitted that this scenario happened daily until Diana died in a car crash in 1997.


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