Popular ‘We Are Beautiful’ TV Presenter Shares Adorable Communion Photo


TV presenter Muireann O’Connell looks unrecognizable in an adorable childhood snap of her and a friend during their first communion.

The Six O’Clock Show presenter was clearly thrilled to share the gorgeous photo from her past which sparked a huge backlash online.

Dressed in white, Muireann beams for the camera as she poses next to her elementary school pal.

Muireann posted this adorable snap of her with a school pal during their first communion Pic: Instagram

And sign of the times, the young Muireann wears a bob and bangs to accompany her floral headband.

She accessorized her cute outfit with a white handbag on her arm and a matching necklace and bracelet to complement her frilly white dress.

Muireann captioned the instagram photo: ‘We wore white once. You can’t make us start over. @grace_kav.

First Communion TV Presenter
Muireann with her mother after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions Photo: Muireann O’Connell/Instagram

“That game of veil and fascinator… my god, we’re gorgeous.”

The adorable snap drew a massive response from the presenter’s followers who pretty much all thought the same thing – that she looked great.

One wrote: ‘Love the bling’, to which Muireann replied: ‘It was my first time wearing proper jewelry and Emma everyone knew that’.

First Communion TV Presenter
Muireann O’Connell with his late father Brendan. Photo: Muireann O’Connell/Instagram

While another joked: ‘These bangs though!’ Our little bags filled with one pound notes.

A third said: “Aww you were so cute” while a fourth fan simply added: “Awww gorgeous”.

A few of Muireann’s former classmates joined the chat and couldn’t help but comment.

One recalled: ‘Girls!!! at least @grace_kav was able to wear a veil. Anne took mine off.

While another mentioned: ‘OMG Muireann. It brings back a lot of memories of my time in St. Paul’s with you”.

This prompted a response from Muireann who replied, ‘OMG ROSELYN! How the hell are you? The longest back garden of the entire estate!’

Meanwhile, Muireann recently opened up about her grief over the passing of her father which she “thinks about all the time”.

Her father Brendan passed away last March following a battle with cancer.

Muireann admitted that all the ‘firsts’ in life are extremely difficult without having his father to experience them and his mother ‘sometimes waking up forgetting’ he was gone.

“It’s weird, but it’s the first ones that are quite difficult. Really, it’s about my mother, she’s the one who lost the love of her life and it’s pretty raw. Sometimes she wakes up and forgets he’s gone, then it hits her again.

“I think it’s hard for her every day, but isn’t it great that they had that kind of love?” she said.


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