New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern accused of ‘jab rape’, blamed for earthquake


A senior Kiwi broadcaster said the recent New Zealand earthquake was Mother Nature’s response to Jacinda Ardern’s vaccination mandates.

A former high-profile New Zealand TV and radio presenter has targeted the government and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a controversial and bizarre anti-vaccine rant.

Former Breakfast, Good Morning and Radio NZ presenter Liz Gunn made the emotional statements, saying Friday’s earthquake that hit the center of the North Island was Mother Nature’s response to the new mandates vaccines from Ardern.

In an online video, Gunn relayed a message saying that the worst part of the newly announced system – which maintains tighter restrictions on the unvaccinated – is its ability to “keep us apart” from each other.

The former presenter then hit out at Ardern by claiming that the mandatory vaccinations were “rape” and that Mother Earth was rising up against a “tyrannical” leader.

“Our mother, our jewel, this beautiful country has said enough! Enough! “Said Gunn.” I need other mothers to stand up and with them men who love their strength and power. “

She then accused the government of poisoning New Zealand’s children and the nation.

“Because it’s the mothers who know what’s going on. The poisoning of our children, the poisoning of our air, the poisoning of our waters. Poisoning New Zealand with these terrible ideas, ”she said.

“These completely false lies tell us about Ardern. Poisoning with arrogant tyrannical leaders. It all ends with this earthquake. This is what our mother explained to us. We have to listen to it. Even those who think Ardern is amazing.

“Stop and think, what will this country be like in a generation or two generations if a leader like this is allowed to rape. Because it’s rape to force something into someone’s body.

His video was posted on Saturday. In it, she also said that the introduction of vaccine passports was a way to divide the nation and separate people with different vaccine statuses from each other.

Who is Liz Gunn?

Gunn had previously worked for TVNZ between 1990 and 2003.

She was part of the original TVNZ Breakfast crew alongside Mike Hosking and Susan Wood in 1997.

In 2001, Gunn took over from Alison Mau as host, forming a team alongside Hosking.

But she made headlines in December of that year when she left the live show. At the time, it was reported that Gunn and Hosking hadn’t clicked as the presentation team, but TVNZ bosses were left behind when Gunn told viewers she wouldn’t be back. in 2002.

During this time, Gunn also worked at Radio New Zealand, hosting a number of shows before finishing in 2016.

She is now an executive producer and presenter for a creative content agency.

His rant comes after Ardern announced on Friday that New Zealand would switch to a traffic light system to handle Covid-19 when district health boards vaccinate 90% of their eligible population.

When each DHB achieved this goal, the new framework would come into effect.

The traffic light system uses vaccination certificates.

Businesses will be able to continue to operate at each of the risk levels, and each parameter can be used in a very targeted and localized manner, said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

However, she warned those who are not vaccinated that they will not be able to share some of the freedoms that other Kiwis enjoy.

“Vaccines are our armor,” Ardern said when announcing the target and the new traffic light system.

“They help us stay safe. If you want summer, get vaccinated. If you want a haircut, get vaccinated. If you want to go to a gym or sporting event, get yourself vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated there will be everyday things that you will miss, ”said Ardern.

How the traffic light system will work in New Zealand

Red is used when the virus spreads in a way that threatens the most vulnerable and could overwhelm the healthcare system.

Education will be open but with public health measures, masks will be needed and there will be caps and physical distancing requirements.

At the red level, a person without a vaccination certificate cannot dine at a restaurant, attend a gathering of more than 10 people, or go to the gym.

Auckland will turn red when each of its three DHBs reach the 90% target.

“You are so close. Right now, you’re only 16,000 shots of each DHB, reaching 90% for the first few doses. “

The rest of the country will turn orange when one in two DHBs reach the 90% target.

Orange means no limit if vaccination certificates are used for hospitality, gatherings and events.

Limits will apply if no vaccine certificate is used.

Green will have limits if no vaccine certificate is used for hospitality, gatherings and events.

“It’s pretty simple: if you are a company that chooses to use vaccination certificates, you will be able to operate at all levels,” Ardern said.

Ardern said the government had given a lot of thought to how religious groups and marae can come together and that is why it was only fair that they could use vaccination certificates to make sure they are able to continue to meet.

Some countries have not included faith groups in their vaccination certificate systems.

Those who choose not to use the vaccine-based system would face tighter collection restrictions.

Ardern said the new framework is about being able to live our lives in the safest way possible.

The alert level system could still be used if it was needed again, but a new playbook was needed in the context of vaccines – and that’s what the traffic light system is.

“I have no doubt that we will do the right thing once more and move forward together safely.”

She said the strategy is to “minimize and protect”.

– New Zealand Herald

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