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The BBC breakfast was hosted by Naga Munchetty and John Kay on Saturday morning. Sport was an important topic on the program, before the final of the Euro on Sunday evening, where England will face Italy. Gavin Ramjaun was presenting sports news on the BBC show and Naga couldn’t help but tease him about the amount of stories he had to talk about.

Before introducing Gavin on the show, Naga decided to feign ignorance of the upcoming soccer tournament final.

“Apparently there’s really no need to have a sports reporter reporter in the studio today,” Naga teased.

“Nothing is happening,” John joked, with Naga adding, “Nothing is happening.”

She continued: “I mean nothing is happening in tennis, nothing has happened in the world of cycling, forget what is happening in rugby and the lion tour.

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“And then there’s like 11 people on either side of a patch of grass going to do something Gavin?” Naga joked.

Sports reporter Gavin replied, “Yeah, there’s a big game going on tomorrow apparently.

“A big game is going on tomorrow. England against Italy in the European Championship final, what a match.

“The calm before the storm. I’m telling you what the players will feel calm, hopefully, right now,” he added.

“I know. Maybe it’s something to do with this thing here. The European Championship trophy,” Gavin replied, walking over to a photo of the trophy.

Naga replied: “Do you know what I’m going to say because there are a lot of people out there who don’t even care about football and of course it’s just about England.

“Just the England team that made it to the final so Scotland and Wales fought hard to qualify. Some people won’t care.

“So you’ve got tennis too, you’ve got a brilliant cricket grip actually and you know we’ve got Mark Cavendish too, so much is going on,” the BBC Breakfast presenter explained.

Gavin agreed, adding, “It’s an incredible amount going on and in a few weeks we will also have the Olympics just to add that to the mix.

“But it will all be over then,” he added, referring to the Euro.

“Gavin, this is the best build you’ve ever had,” John joked, Gavin responding, “Isn’t that it?”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6 a.m. on BBC One.


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