Married at first sight: Fitzy and Wippa poke fun at failed MAFS edition


Radio host Fitzy pointed to a “laughable” editing failure on Married At First Sight, reminding Wippa of when her own words were edited.

Meeting your partner for the first time at the altar is quite a dramatic concept.

But just as reality TV is known for great drama, there are of course hands behind the scenes that create additional drama on Married at first sight.

However, it looks like the *creative* edits aren’t exactly going under the radar.

Australian TV and radio personality Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald called it a “failed edit” on Sunday night’s episode.

In particular, frankenbiting, an editing technique where sentences are pieced together from words in different sentences to make it look like someone said something they didn’t. A piece-to-camera interview is usually cut with other footage to give the illusion.

Fitzy described editing on MAFS like “so out of whack the audio is so laughable”, before playing a particular clip.

Contestant Dion Giannarelli says, “I think it’s important for me to let Carolina know,” before the sentence ends in a significantly deeper tone with the words, “how I feel.”

Fitzy took the opportunity to highlight the time when co-host Michael “Wippa” Wipfli was the victim of frankenbiting on Celebrity Apprentice Australia Last year.

“Do you remember when you did Celebrity Apprentice and you had to leave because you were a crook, but they told you can you say it’s gastro? And you did say it’s not gastro.

Wippa explained: “I actually said ‘I know I don’t have gastro’.”

The pair then played the clip used on the show.

“At this point I know I’m in trouble so I have to get out of there, I have to go home because I’m pretty sure I have…gastro,” Wippa said.

Earlier this month, reality TV star Locky Gilbert, who is currently on SAS Australiatook to Instagram to apologize and blame editing for the comments which sparked a huge backlash.

The 32-year-old, who has also been on Australian survivor and The single personsaid on the show, “For the past 10 years, I really haven’t worked”.

“It takes my breath away, people get up and go to work every day. Living a dull, boring life,” he continued. “I just did everything I wanted to do and it led me so far.”

Gilbert wrote on Instagram after the episode aired that he “never meant it in the way it was edited”.

“When I said I don’t know how people are going to work everyday they left out the part where I said a job they hate,” he wrote.


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