Loans for the Entertainment Industry


When it comes to the film, television, music, theater, sports, and gaming sectors, ConsolidationNow detects the banking gaps. We’ve worked with lenders throughout North America to offer financing solutions. Our staff can help with banking and treasury solution consultancy in addition to our finance options to guarantee that your company runs smoothly. Our trustworthy bank partners are familiar with the special requirements of the entertainment sector. ConsolidationNow’s expertise in the business helps us to guarantee that our customers have the funds and services they need to realize their goals.

Clients in the entertainment industry include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Companies that specialize in business management
  • Management firms for Broadway theaters
  • Guilds in the entertainment industry
  • Agencies of talent
  • Firms that specialize in entertainment law
  • Companies that provide personal management
  • Companies that do post-production
  • Organizations that are not for profit
  • Actors, musicians, sports, and studio executives are among the participants.
  • Broadband and cable networks
  • Groups of radio and television stations

HOW CAN ConsolidationNow ASSIST YOU?

  • Acquisition Financing Growth Working Capital Capital \sManagement Buyouts
  • Recapitalizations due to debt refinancing
  • Equipment Financing based on Assets


  • Broadway Television Movie and Series Financing Theater Financing Film Production Financing
  • Regional Sports Networks Music Catalog Financing Team Financing League-wide Financing Arena Financing
  • Loans for Media Rights


  • Cash Management Consultation International Services 
  • Consultation Talent
  • Holding Escrows

Why Should You Consolidate Your Entertainment Business Loans With ConsolidationNow?

We have a mix of conventional bank partners and non-bank entities that are interested in providing finance for the entertainment industry. So, if you’re in need of operating cash, don’t spend time hopping through hoops with traditional banks just to be turned down for a loan. Apply for a business loan via ConsolidationNow now and operate your company with confidence.

Get a loan for your entertainment company now.

If you need money for growth, employment, repairs, equipment, or simply operating capital, let ConsolidationNow perform all the legwork for you. We’ll work around the clock to discover the right form of financing for your company. An unsecured company loan, a merchant cash advance, or even an asset-based loan are all possibilities.

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