Little Thistle Brewing organizes a dog show “Pup Cup”


All the dogs and their owners gathered at Little Thistle Brewing on Sunday night for their very first dog show. The brewery won the award for the best dog-friendly patio in 2020 and they decided to plan an event.

“The turnout was phenomenal. I am blown away that we have so many humans and so many dogs on the first one,” said Ankeny.

The dogs took part in many competitions.

There was the ugliest and cutest dog contest, the tallest and smallest dog contest, a talent contest and much more.

There was a dog there named Bruce. They measured and weighed him and soon after he won!

Walter is another competing dog. He won the cutest dog contest and took home a brilliant medal. I spoke to his owner Jessica Nienaber after he won the contest.

“He’s such a cap, love him. He’s a great dog to have. I hope his head doesn’t get too big. He’s already a sassy boy, so we’ll see how that transforms him.” , Nienaber said.

And with so many dog ​​lovers in one place, people are bound to have a good time.

“After so many people have been locked up with their dogs in their homes and apartments for a year, I can’t think of a better activity than this,” said Samuel Butterfass, an event attendee.

But throughout the fun, there is a great job being done here. Little Thistle paired with Paws and Claws. People could participate in a raffle and win one of these baskets if they donated to their cause.

They also spread the word about adoptions.

“We have dogs that need to be adopted. It is very important to support these local businesses, Little Thistle and the vendors that we have here today,” said Paws and Claws volunteer Ella Rasmussen.

Getting together for fun, and for good reason.

“Bring your dog, we accept dogs. Not just today, but every day,” Ankeny said.

Little Thistle plans to have another dog show next year.


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