Kerala Hospital Apologizes For Using Photo Of Hollywood Actor Morgan Freeman For Skin Treatment Ad | News from Kozhikode

KOZHIKODE: A hospital in Vadakara, Kerala has issued an apology following a huge social media backlash after it used the photo of Oscar-winning actor Morgan Freeman in an advertisement for the skincare facilities of the hospital.
The stand-up traveler advertisement put up by Vadakara Co-operative Hospital in front of its outpatient department featured a close-up photograph of Morgan Freeman to advertise the hospital’s treatments for warts, skin tags and milia.
“Remove your skin tags, DPN, warts, milia, molluscum, and comedones through simple procedures, easily in just one visit,” the ad reads.
The hospital had placed the traveler standing with the photo of the actor, who is one of Hollywood’s most recognizable figures, for four days starting last Wednesday.
After a hospital visitor uploaded the social media ad, it created a huge uproar on Sunday, with many condemning it as racist and a disgrace to the entire state.
“Vadakara Co-operative Hospital has become a disgrace to the famous co-operative sector of the state. It is a disgrace to the worldview of Malayalee and also to the class consciousness of the people of Vadakara,” the reviewer wrote. cinema GP Ramachandran on his Facebook account.
The hospital pulled the ad and issued an unconditional apology saying it was a mistake that happened due to a lack of knowledge.
“The poster was put up to advertise a new dermatologist joining the hospital. It was created by a local designer who we used to hire part-time. He might have gotten the image after an internet search and use it for advertisement due to lack of knowledge. After it was installed, a person asked why Nelson Mandela’s photo was used in the advertisement. We also received phone calls after someone one clicked on it and uploaded it to social media and we immediately deleted it,” T Sunil, marketing manager of the hospital said.
He added that the hospital even receives calls from abroad.
“We are sincerely sorry that an inadvertent error that occurred due to lack of knowledge and caused pain to thousands of fans of the great actor and we apologized on Facebook,” he said. -he declares.

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