Kapil Sharma tests his English as Jr NTR, Ram Charan, SS Rajamouli appear on the show: “May God give you strength …”


SS Rajamouli, Jr NTR, Ram Charan and Alia Bhatt participated in the last episode of The Kapil Sharma for promote their upcoming film, RRR. There was a lot of fun and laughter, as Kapil asked SS Rajamouli about his Hindi and took a self-deprecating shot at his own English, and even slyly laughed at Alia Bhatt’s. obsession with the ‘R’ word.

During the show, Kapil Sharma asked Rajamouli, “Do you understand Hindi? Rajamouli replied: “I understand, but they don’t know if I speak another language. Kapil said: “May God give you the strength to understand my English. Following this, Kapil teased the team and said he half expected the Baahubali theme song to be played after an elephant was shown in the RR trailer. He asked the acclaimed director, “Are you that simple or is it just to stay safe from income tax scrutiny?” Rajamouli couldn’t help but laugh and said it was that easy. Kapil then teased Jr NTR if he had ever taken PCR tests at the airport, then turned to Alia Bhatt.

He asked Alia, “Did you hear the story of the movie first, or did you just agree to make the movie when you heard the R word?” This was in direct reference to Alia’s relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor.

Everyone burst out laughing and Alia looked stunned. She replied, “You are right. I did it because I heard the R word, and R means Rajamouli sir. After that, Rajamouli recalled that Archana Puran had worked with him in a Telugu role. Kapil then teased if he had approached her for the role of Katappa in the Baahubali franchise. Rajamouli replied, “Yes, she was busy with your show, that’s why she couldn’t come. Ram Charan enjoyed Archana Puran Singh’s videos during the lockdown, and his interactions with his domestic helper, Bhagyashree. Kapil Sharma laughed saying that Archana had stopped paying her salary after that, as she had become more famous than Archana herself.

Kapil asked Alia if she auditioned for the RRR movie, or did she promise to take them to the Kapil Show instead. She said, “No, they asked me to take them to the Kapil Sharma show, and then you can work on this film. So I said sure, I’m going to talk to Kapil, he’s a friend, we’re going to have coffee and all that.

Kapil then asked Ram Charan why he didn’t do a lot of promotions. Instantly, Alia intervened saying he didn’t want to run any promotions as his fan base was waiting outside his house. “That’s how dedicated they are…” Kapil then asked Jr and Ram Charan, “This is the first time that you two have worked together. Is it because neither of you were offered a movie together, or the producers didn’t have the budget for both of you? “

Ram Charan agreed it was the second. Jr NTR said: “Rajamouli was not there. He had to be there for that to happen. Kapil Sharma then looked at the RRR name itself and whether it just says a lot of money. Rajamouli replied: “At the beginning, we didn’t know which title to put. We just thought of calling the project RRR, because Ram Charan, Rajamouli, Ramarao, with the hashtag RRR. The audience liked it, so we kept it.


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