Journalist mistakenly announces death of Pope Francis on Christmas on live TV show, watch video here


ITV presenter and reporter Kylie Pentelow accidentally announced the death of the religious leader as he urged people to get vaccinated

Archive image of Pope Francis. Reuters

In an epic live TV blunder, a news channel announced the death of Pope Francis on Christmas Day. The gaffe was committed by ITV presenter and reporter Kylie Pentelow while reporting live on the Pope’s annual Christmas Day message to people in Peter’s Square in Vatican City.

Pentelow accidentally announced the death of the religious leader while urging people to get vaccinated.

During his remarks, the 87-year-old spoke about equality of vaccines in all countries and also called for more and more people to be vaccinated.

While, the news anchor said, “He said vaccines should be made available to those who need them most.” She added in error: “Her death has been announced.”

Kylie Pentelow immediately recognized the blunder and corrected herself by adding, “Hey, excuse me.”

TV broadcaster Scott Bryan shared the video clip of the incident on his Twitter account. “ITV has just announced the death of the Pope by accident,” he wrote.

Check out Scott Bryan’s tweets here

“Someone offers this newsreader a STAT drink. We all make mistakes, ”Bryan wrote in another Tweet.

The blunder only lasted two seconds, however, it was huge enough that the reporter was severely trolled.

Some users criticized the new channel, saying “It was the biggest mistake they’ve ever heard from ITV.”

Meanwhile, an executive news producer said, “I’ve killed Bob Dylan the same way before.”

Some users even compared the live TV blunder with the BBC journalist’s Tweet, when he mistakenly tweeted that the Queen had died.

In 2015, a BBC a reporter mistakenly tweeted about the death of Queen Elizabeth. This new blunder had hurt the feelings of many.

The 85-year-old Pope also spoke about people’s personal and professional relationships, as reported Mirror. He discussed crises, conflicts and disagreements across the world.

Pope Francis is considered one of the most powerful and influential religious leaders in the world.


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