Jim Jones saves suffocating photographer’s life by giving CPR


Jim Jones is being hailed as a hero after recently saving the life of his friend-photographer Jerry Flete after the man collapsed.

Jimmy and Flete recently spoke with Interior edition on the heartbreaking event in a segment that aired on Sunday (January 2). According to the men, the incident happened during a recent trip to Florida for a cryptocurrency event for the rapper’s Capo Coin.

“We were literally hanging out on a break from work. Just hanging out,” Jerry explained. “It just happened so fast. Basically I woke up, Jim gave me a chest compression and said, ‘Wake up. Wake up.’ He basically saved my life. I’m here today because of Jim. “

Jim said he was alerted to the situation when his partner, Doug, frantically called him. “I just saw Flee sitting down going through something that didn’t look right like he was choking,” Jim recalls. “He couldn’t breathe, and his eyes were going back to his head, and he was having a little seizure. I actually didn’t know what was going on. It scared me a little.”

The Harlem rapper jumped into action and used the skills he learned as a child. “When I was younger,” he says, “I had to take those CPR classes and all that stuff for my little sister with heart disease. They needed the whole family to take these special classes before she came home when she was a baby.

“I think all of those classes have stayed with me to this day because I vividly remember everything they told me to do in certain situations. I got there. I was right. as frantic and confused as everyone at first. And then something He just jumped on me, go ahead. It brought him back to life. “

Jim is currently working on a new album, which should be titled Prime 112, a nod to the restaurant that was the scene of a brawl that rapper Dipset allegedly had with Freddie Gibbs.

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