Jessica Lange’s best monologue on AHS according to fans


The Jessica Lange monologue in question, hailed by nostalgic fans, comes to us from the very first season of “American Horror Story”. In this particular scene, Constance Langdon talks about her life. She details her dreams and aspirations to become “a star of the big screen”. These dreams were cut short by tragedy and death, but they served to forge her into what she believes to be – a great mother.

Whether or not Constance is a great mother is up for debate, but looking at the scene one can see the depth of emotion – and acting skill – brought by the legendary Lange. When this scene was highlighted on Reddit, no one even mentioned a competing monologue, with the simple recognition of this demonstration behind the proof of Lange’s talent. As the original poster wrote, “It shows why she was 100% deserving of the Emmy win for her performance.”

Reading_MyEscape accepted. “My wife just told me the other day that this was her favorite part. This show isn’t the same without Jessica Lange, she was the best.” What Lange brought to the show was also recognized by a colleague Reddit user Beautiful-Anteater85, who wrote: “Whenever I see old scenes I can’t believe what this show was and what has become. How unique and special it was, the cinematography, the actors and especially how seriously he took himself to be who he was. “

Others have also agreed that Jessica Lange’s absence is keenly felt in the seasons when she does not appear. Whatever opinions may be on Jessica Lange’s best “AHS” performance, it’s easy to see that this speech is, indeed, one of the reasons she won an Emmy.

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