Jeremy Vine ‘pissed off’ after anti-vaccine protesters target his home


TV presenter Jeremy Vine said he was “pissed off” after anti-vaccine protesters targeted his home.

e said in a tweet that the group had tried to mean what they called an “anti-vaxx brief” while he was away, instead of giving it to his wife.

The BBC and broadcaster Channel 5 said the group was “angry” at BBC reporting on the issue of coronavirus vaccines.

He said, “They were polite, which I’m grateful for, but coming to my house on a Sunday?

“And I’m also a little pissed off about the heavy breathing.”

He then shared a video showing a larger group of protesters gathered.

“I just saw this: If my wife hadn’t accepted the ‘anti-vaxx’ act on my behalf, then this group that was waiting near my house would have ‘taken the whole street.’

“The original video shows the street name and house number very clearly.

“Always happy to join, but not like this.”

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Vine has previously said he caught coronavirus and has also spoken publicly about administering the coronavirus vaccine.

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