Jazz Chisholm Talks ‘MLB The Show,’ According to Marlins


Imagine the ideal player builder in “MLB The Show.” He probably has immense power, because what could be more fun than hitting a home run in a video game? He probably has blazing speed, because you want to turn every gap hit into a triple. He’s probably having a ridiculous celebration, because who doesn’t want to ride their bat like it’s a horse after kicking the ball?

You want to be Miami Marlins second baseman, Jazz Chisholm, basically. Chisholm can actually play as himself in “MLB The Show 22,” but if he were to create a player in the game, he would essentially be a clone.

“I’m not going to lie, he’s almost exactly like me,” Chisholm told Yahoo Sports. “He’s going to have the big chains. He’s going to be wearing colorful shoes. He’s going to try to do something crazy, try to get a crazy bat flip. Probably with Ken Griffey Jr’s stance.”

Gambling is an incredibly popular pastime. About two-thirds of Americans, or 227 million people, play video games. It is not surprising that baseball players belong to this group. The competition doesn’t stop once the game on the field is over, teammates turn around and settle the score online.

Chisholm’s love for video games started early. The first game he really got into was “MVP Baseball 2003”. Once “The Show” began in 2006, Chisholm was hooked.

“I was very active in baseball games all the time because I just wanted to be a big leaguer,” Chisholm said. “So anything that brought me closer to feeling that way, I was going to do that.”

His love of baseball video games led Chisholm to become a partner player on “MLB The Show 22”. He is an authority on the subject. Chisholm is 50-15 in the current ranked season in the 2021 version of the game.

Chisholm – who considers himself the Marlins’ best ‘MLB The Show’ player – said the team plays a number of video games – including ‘The Show’, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘NBA 2K’ – after their actual baseball game is over.

“As soon as you step off the court, it’s like, ‘Hey, what are we jumping tonight, boys,'” Chisholm said. “‘MLB The Show?’ Who wants this job tonight?”

Chisholm feels like an even stronger version of himself playing “The Show.” The real game of baseball is unpredictable and humiliating. In “The Show”, Chisholm can lock himself in and be perfect, especially when he hits himself.

Jazz Chisholm thinks the Marlins are ready to compete. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Jazz Chisholm looking for consistency on the pitch in 2022

Chisholm hopes the perfection will continue through the 2022 MLB season. After a promising rookie season, Chisholm wants to be more consistent this year. To do that, Chisholm worked on his focus and mental approach during the offseason.

“I know I have the talent, I know I have the skills to do anything,” Chisholm said. “It’s just working with focus. Instead of just going out there and working hard, working hard with focus is a whole different ball game. Because you could do 10 [reps] and be as tired as working hard and taking 45 and 50 balls.”

That doesn’t mean fans should expect Chisholm to be any less fun on the pitch. He doesn’t ride his bat like a horse after hitting home runs — that’s something you can only do on “The Show” — but he’s proud to celebrate big moments. He brought baseball’s Euro milestone celebration last season, and you know he’ll bring it back in 2022.

“I feel like every home run should be a celebration,” Chisholm said.

The Marlins are hoping for more celebrations in 2022. The team won just 67 games last year. Projections believe the Marlins will improve, but only to around 77 wins, according to Baseball Prospectus.

Armed with a secretly dominant pitching staff and Chisholm — whose Baseball Prospectus throwing system likes to step forward — it’s believed the Marlins can take a big leap forward and become playoff contenders once again.

Chisholm believes in the chances of his team.

“We’re definitely going to be above .500 this year,” he said.

Chisholm may love video games, but he’s not referring to “The Show” when he makes this prediction.

Yahoo Sports has received a review copy of “MLB The Show 22”.


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