It’s time to shine for the brother actor


Will the Brother actor one day experience the horrors of war? It’s safe to assume he won’t, although I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he’ll be cast in a Ron Howard war movie. However, he is surrounded by veterans and he learns their habits. As much as It’s us is a show about the Vietnam War, you also have to remember that it’s a show about the war in Iraq. It’s also a show about Mother. Let’s see if she’s dead.


Not yet.


Sister wasn’t really into this one, nor was the advisor Brother. It’s us started a project similar to that of Krzysztof Kieslowski Decalogor a triptych of the sea, you could buy on Etsy. Each brother gets his own episode. This episode is that of the actor Brother.


Well – okay, let’s not rush. The Brother actor is a single father for this episode. He takes his two babies on a plane, for example. He tries to put them to sleep. At the start of the episode he’s bad at being a single dad, but by the end of the episode (I think three days later?) he’s good at it. Phew… that was close.

The Brother actor and the babies had to take the aforementioned plane to visit the family cabin in Pennsylvania. There was waiting for them: uncle (hello uncle!), uncle’s girlfriend, not Keri Russell, and not Keri Russell’s son. It’s not Keri Russell and the uncle overseeing the construction of the house in the woods that the father wanted to build for the family before his death, now funded by actor Brother. It’s not Keri Russell who appears to be the main contractor, and the Brother actor immediately notices that she made a mistake.

Yes, the concrete of the foundation was poorly poured. Oh my God. The Brother actor is upset to find this out, as it will delay the project’s completion date and, as you know, Mother is dying. We need to get her dead ASAP!!!

In a very poetic twist of fate, the Actor Brother of the past is also speak of “foundations”. It’s crazy how life works sometimes. In a flashback to his late teens, the Brother actor worries he doesn’t have a “solid foundation” unlike Father, Sister and Future Councilman Brother. He’s a budding alcoholic, he’s just cheated on his wife (he married young and then divorced), and he’s not famous yet. Will he ever be a good man? Should he stop playing and start building, like Father?

No, as we know it is not it stop playing and start building, like Father.

Or does he?


In the end, we find out that he could. It appears he intends to start a construction company named after the Big Three that employs veterans.


Well…god, there was a lot of intrigue in this episode. It’s not Keri Russell, who served in the Iraq War, who is having a hard time. The uncle understood this, because he served in the Vietnam War and was going through a difficult time, but the actor Brother, who only ever “served” the creative vision of the creator of The Manny, does not have. After the cabin gang have had dinner, listened to music, had a generally pleasant evening and fallen asleep, the Brother actor learns that Not Keri Russell has left the house and had a car accident due to which she has had to be hospitalized.

While the Brother actor is relieved that there were no drugs or alcohol in Not Keri Russell’s system, as she is a recovering drug addict, Uncle realizes the situation is more serious and orders to the Brother actor to stay in the hospital with her overnight. The Brother actor is using this time for some much-needed personal reflection – wondering: is the Brother actor a good man? Or is the Brother actor just acting like he thinks a good man would act? – and the next day, Not Keri Russell explains to her that her divorce and wartime memories often make life unbearable, and the car accident was an attempt to stop the pain.

Ha-ha… ah, well… The Brother actor has issues too, you see… there’s this thing about him not knowing if he’s in fact a good man …?

The Brother actor is silent as she speaks, so this is actually kind of a win for him.

Back at the construction site, he learns again that the crew is made up of qualified veterans (not Keri Russell had already told him) and begins to think: why not build more cabins with these guys, now that I know that? are qualified to build and also carry deep trauma? So that’s what he’s going to do.

Fun show…


He gives it to Not Keri Russell’s son, thank God.

Next week: Sister pays for her crimes.


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