Is Wendy Williams okay? TV host looks ‘sickly’ in blue hospital socks and bathrobe


Just a day after her talk show revealed she was canceling all promotional events to deal with “ongoing health concerns,” Wendy Williams was spotted wearing a weak looking blue dress and socks. On Friday, September 10, 2021, Williams was seen stepping out of a black SUV dressed in a gold and cream dress and driven into her Manhattan apartment building.

According to exclusive photos from, the 57-year-old TV host looked “sickly” in what looks like blue hospital socks. She was hand driven from her car by her manager Bernie Young. The photos caused a stir online as many people shared their support for her, while others called her “karma”.


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The last time Williams appeared on her show was July 16, 2021. In a statement posted to Instagram on Thursday, “Wendy is struggling with ongoing health issues and is undergoing further assessments. won’t be able to complete his promotional activities next week, but I can’t wait to be back in his purple chair on Monday, September 20 for the Season 13 premiere. “

The statement didn’t mention what Williams is currently grappling with, but this isn’t the first time the TV icon’s health has kept her from appearing on camera. According to the publication, the TV host announced that she would take a hiatus from her daytime talk show last year as she battles health issues related to the diagnosis of Graves’ disease.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Graves’ disease is “a disorder of the immune system that causes overproduction of thyroid hormones.” A few months ago, Williams told People that she felt better after a hiatus. “I feel a hundred percent better than a few months ago. I had a storm in my body is the best way to explain it. It came from the fact that I neglected my date. endocrinology six months. I have Graves’ disease and hyperthyroidism. If you have one, you don’t necessarily have to have the other, but I have both, and I have diagnosed with both 19 years ago. “

On Twitter, some share their support and prayers. “Send love, light, peace, strength and divine HEALING! Take care of yourself @WendyWilliams, nothing and no one is more important than you! WE LOVE YOU! SEND GOOD VIBES AND POSITIVE ENERGY IN YOUR WAY. SEND JOY DEEP INTO YOUR SOUL! JOY IS STRENGTH! ” a user wrote.

Users shared on the Instagram post, “Feel better soon Wendy! Sending love ️,” one said. “Wait Wendy !! I can’t wait for September 20th!” another wrote. Yet another user wrote: “Her health is more important. The season can wait. COME WELL Wendy!”

One of her detractors wrote on Twitter: “I’d love to see @WendyWilliams roast Wendy Williams because she looks like shit. Fuck I love karma.” Another wrote: “Damn, has Karma hit Wendy Williams again?” #WendyWilliams ”

Williams spoke to her audience about her diagnosis of Graves’ disease in early 2018. “My thyroid has been totally cattywampus. I feel like there are birds swimming around my head… Consistently high. But not high, ”she said. “My doctor prescribed me – are you ready? Three weeks of vacation. I was angry. More performances, really? “

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