Is it cooler for a Colorado sports fan to wear a Russell Wilson or Cale Makar jersey?


Besides being quality sports purveyors, Kickin’ It’s head office staff are unapologetic fashionistas. So we have to ask, Denver fans: if you could only own one replica jersey, would you buy the #3 worn by Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson, or a #8 jersey in honor of Avalanche defenseman Cale Makar?

Makar. From afar. Russ is just an attention seeker. Cale is humble. Enough said. Plus: As a player, Makar is well above Wilson’s ceiling.

CK, down to earth

Kiz: Whether it’s rubbing shoulders with Paul McCartney at dinner in St. Barts or hanging out with the beautiful people at Wimbledon, Wilson and Ciara seem to be having as much fun as Instagram allows. There’s nothing wrong with that. More power for them. But could Denver’s new power couple be a little too boujee for this dusty old town? Well, if Wilson can get the Broncos back to the playoffs, no one would care if he enjoys caviar as a pre-game meal.

Wilson. The Broncos are still kings in my book. That being said, I need a Makar sweater.

TR, always in fashion

Kiz: It’s a Broncos town. Has always been. Will always be. But on a point of fashion can we all agree? A hockey jersey is much cooler than any football jersey.

Makar is homegrown, with his best years yet to come. Wilson is still the quarterback for the Seahawks who beat Denver 43-8 until we won the Super Bowl with him.

Scott, Denver

Kiz: Here’s a sneaky hint that Seahawks fans will consider DangeRuss more ours than theirs when he takes to the field in orange and blue for the season opener in Seattle.

The CU Buffs need to call and see if they can get an invite to join the Big Ten Conference. Or go back to the Big 12 and take their top rival Colorado State with them.

Arun, Denver

Kiz: Hey, it was a bad week for the Buffs. USC and UCLA shocked us all when they announced the decision to lock down the Pac-12 for the Big 10, ruining Ralphie’s regular trips to the beach. To add insult to injury, why did you have to suggest the Rams are the Buffs’ No. 1 football rival? UC alumni hate that kind of talk. Know why? My guess: vanity. But the truth hurts, especially in this time of seismic change in college sports, when CU’s football program needs CSU to play regularly far more than the Big 10 needs the Buffs to deliver to the TV market. from Denver. The Buffs should never have left the Big 12. Hopefully the conference will bring them back.

So do we know if Patrick Roy called Joe Sakic to apologize and maybe admit that Joe’s vision for the Avalanche wasn’t too bad after all?

Rick, Lakewood

Kiz: Why the hell would Sakic need an apology? He already has something better: the Stanley Cup.

And today’s parting shot is a reminder that no sporting opinion is worth shooting down.

Mr. Kiszla, I really appreciate your point of view. And how you press the buttons. But Alan Berg, the late Denver radio personality, did the same. Be careful.

Donald, guardian angel


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