In the life of Tinie Tempah as he takes his career from rapper to TV presenter on Extraordiary Extensions


Tinie Tempah is the most successful British rap artist in UK chart history – but he recently turned to a new career.

The rapper became a TV presenter on Channel 4’s Extraordinary Expansions, bringing his real estate expertise into play for the first time.


Tinie is the UK’s most successful rap artistCredit: Getty
But recently, the star became a real estate expert on Channel 4.


But recently, the star became a real estate expert on Channel 4.Credit: Avalon

32-year-old Tinie – real name Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu – has won numerous music awards, as well as a large real estate portfolio.

It gave the South London rapper a chance to change his career and become a real estate guru helping UK homeowners transform their spaces.

In her new four-part series for Channel 4, Tinie will be seen helping families bring their wacky architectural visions to life with huge budgets.

Across four episodes, the rap star is expected to oversee builds costing between £ 500,000 and £ 1million – sharing his own renovation experiences.

Fans have already been thrilled with the first episode, which featured couple Amy and Simon and their million-pound glass structure.

While Alan and Linda hope to build a ski slope extension attached to a 17th century farm in Herefordshire.

But how did Tinie leave Tempah and go from international rap star to TV ownership guru? We have the truth.

The star has previously spoken of her “really cool” real estate portfolio across the world – a far cry from her childhood estate.

Entrepreneur Tinie has kept his love for property relatively quiet until now, as he explained in an interview with the The independent earlier this year.

“It’s not something you really talk about in your raps,” he said, attributing his love of property to his “workers’ education.”

“Ownership was a way for us to move up the socio-economic ladder,” he said. “I came out of a low-cost housing environment and, when I was 12, my parents bought our first property in Plumstead.

“Fast forward a few years, and they have more than a handful of them. I grew up seeing my mom do lots of extensions.”

It wasn’t until the foreclosure brought her music career to a halt that Tinie felt it was time to turn to full-time ownership.

Instead of sitting “in the studio at home, scratching [his] head ”, he decided he was up to the“ new challenge ”of presenting a real estate fair.

Tinie added, “When the pandemic started, the music industry was hit very hard. Obviously there were no concerts. I was in the studio at home scratching my head.

“I got that phone call, ‘We’re doing this real estate show, and we would love you to do it.’ At first I was like ‘I don’t know …’

“But now I’m the age where I want to connect with other sides of myself. I’ve been making music since I was 16. I’ve accomplished a lot. But I have the feel like it’s a new challenge.

“When you make records, you are always at the mercy of people. When I buy property or turn it over and try to sell it, I am not at the mercy of anyone.

He added: “It really is the best thing in the world and gives you a whole new perspective and perspective on life and makes me very grateful for where I am in my life.”


It wasn’t just Tinie’s career that kept him busy throughout the lockdown – as he welcomed his second daughter earlier this year.

In 2018 – the rapper married his longtime sweetheart Eve De Haan in a secret ceremony at a small Costwolds church surrounded by his family.

The wedding only made headlines when a nearby school found out about the ceremony after security was seen at the event.

Eve, 29, is a London artist and the granddaughter of Sidney De Haan, the founder of Saga, which offers vacations and insurance to over 50s.

Tinie welcomed her first daughter shortly before their wedding, while their second daughter was welcomed in 2021.

He married Eve - with whom he shares two daughters - in 2018


He married Eve – with whom he shares two daughters – in 2018Credit: Getty
Tinie Tempah gives secret surprise McDonald’s gig in Walsall


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