I’d love to write something like ‘The Da Vinci Code’ after finishing ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ series: English TV presenter and novelist Richard Osman

Famous English TV presenter, producer, novelist and comedian Richard Osman made his literary debut in September 2020 with ‘The Thursday Murder Club’, which quickly became a bestseller. The novel follows a group of friends in a retirement village as they investigate unsolved crimes. Since then, there has been no looking back for Osman, who is known for creating and/or co-hosting hugely popular quiz shows including “Pointless”, “Two Tribes” and “Richard Osman’s House”. of Games”.

Recently, TOI Books sat down with Osman for an exclusive interview, in which he talked about “The Thursday Murder Club,” his long career in the television industry, his upcoming book, and more.

The conversation started with Osman talking about the four main characters in his first novel, i.e. “The Thursday Murder Club”, who are a rather unlikely mix. They are all around 80 years old. Then one of them was a spy, another was a nurse, and there was a psychiatrist and a union official. So where does the inspiration for such characters come from?

Responding to this, Osman said: “I love any TV program or book about an unlikely gang coming together. And my mom lives in a retirement village, and everyone there is over 70. .When I visited the place, I realized it would be an amazing place for a murder.”

Interestingly, Osman wrote his first novel for over 18 months in secret. Talking about the reason behind it, he had a straightforward response, “You don’t really want to tell your friends you’re writing a book, do you?”

Additionally, Osman added that since he’s quite well-known in the UK, he didn’t want publishers to sue him. “I wanted to finish something on my own and then ask people ‘is this really a good book?'”

Additionally, Osman’s second novel “The Man Who Died Twice”, released in September 2021, sold over 114,000 copies in its first week. Interestingly, only JK Rowling, Dan Brown and Harper Lee sold out that quickly. Speaking of the same, Osman said, “My philosophy has always been to try to create things that I’m really proud of. I want as many people as possible to watch and read what I create. I’m really proud of my books and I love that people love them and their characters.”

Additionally, talking about his long career as a TV presenter, producer, novelist and comedian and his teachings, Osman mentioned that he grew up watching TV and reading books. “My perspective has always been – on television and now in books – to do the type of television program that I would watch, and the same goes for books,” he said.

Meanwhile, American director, producer and screenwriter Steven Spielberg recently bought the rights to “The Thursday Murder Club.” Shedding light on the same, Osman said he was relaxed about the adaptation.

“Another thing my career has taught us is that you have to work as a team. I’m going to mind my own business, which is to write. And when someone like Steven Spielberg wants to do a film, you have to let it happen,” he said.

Finally, what does Osman plan to do after the release of the four books of “The Thursday Murder Club”?

His answer: “I’d like to write something a little more thriller, like a ‘Da Vinci Code’ type book. I love that kind of stuff.”

Meanwhile, a few days after the interview, Osman discovered that his first novel mirrored a story straight out of his family archives! His ancestor formed a group of detectives to solve an actual murder centuries before he wrote his book. Osman’s quadruple great-grandfather discovered a corpse and became embroiled in one of the greatest murder trials of the 1800s!


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