How a TV personality is ready to help people eat less meat


From new technologies and changing food trends to supply chains and innovative concepts, the restaurant industry is constantly evolving. Host Andre Natera shares kitchens, plates and stories with food and drink superstars, cooking up a new dish and offering valuable insight into the front lines of the culinary industry.

The art of butchering was Cara Nicoletti’s birthright in many ways, having grown up working in her grandfather’s store in Boston. It has been around for generations but changed course after considering the sustainability of meat. She recently joined Andre Natera on Run the Pass to share her story.

Nicoletti has a diverse background, working as a butcher, writing a cookbook and hosting shows on VICE Munchies. In February 2020, she launched Seemore Meats & Veggies, which makes cruelty-free raised veggie-stuffed sausages. “I started making sausages 11 years ago to help people eat less meat and stretch the meat more with fillers that were good like vegetables,” said Nicoletti.

“We cannot meet the demand for meat and do it in a way that is good for the Earth. We must therefore eat good meat but in less quantity. – Cara Nicoletti

Growing up around butchers, Nicoletti noted that she was “more sensitive to the origin of meat,” then working in restaurants saw all the waste. Although she had no intention of becoming a butcher initially, she found an apprenticeship and remained in the industry for several years.

Sustainability has become a major goal for Nicoletti, a goal that has become even truer during the pandemic. “Our supply chain is fragile, especially for meat, as we depend on four giant corporations that control the supply of meat to the United States. It is a deeply unsustainable market,” she said. .

Nicoletti spoke about the concept of regenerative agriculture and its essential role in the meat industry. “It’s when grazing animals diversify the soil. If they stay in the stalls all day eating grain, it tears up the soil and creates monocultures. There is no way to meet the demand and do it in a way that is good for the Earth, ”she explained.

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