Grimes is teasing something called “game player” with binary code, because she is Grimes


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Grimes teased what appears to be a new song title, “Player of Games”, which will arrive this Friday, December 3rd.

The avant-pop artist dropped his first clue in a tweet including a few lines of binary code – which translated to “Player of Games” – and a release date of December 3rd. Grimes went on to say simply, “It’s real this time. Phew. ”Minutes later, she confirmed the title of what could be a new track, shared a pre-record link, and offered backing artwork. (A Grimes rep did not return immediately. Rolling stonerequest more information.)

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Consistent with the code of the message via binary code, and in light of Grimes’ continued fascination with AI and technology, it should be noted that “Player of Games” is quite similar to the title of a science book. fiction by Iain Banks from 1988, The game player. The book is part of Banks’ series focused on “The Culture,” a needless utopian galactic society populated by a mix of humanoid species and super-intelligent AI machines – all of which sound incredibly Grimesian.

Grimes’ Twitter announcement follows his broader social media comeback this weekend. The singer has kept a low profile since September – when she split from her partner Elon Musk – but in a new TikTok video, Grimes addressed the chaos that surrounded her recently and how she has become something of a ‘symbol to the Marie-Antoinette for inequality in the pop stan community ”(which she frankly finds quite entertaining, she added).

In the clip, Grimes also said she was excited to be back on the internet so that she could start sharing “a lot of my crazy ideas”, although she didn’t mention anything about the new music at the time. . That said, we could potentially link “Player of Games” to one of those “crazy ideas” that Grimes touted in his upcoming TikTok about the possibilities of using video games as a form of “radical redistribution of wealth”. wealth (this contrasts with more simplified forms of radical wealth distribution based, for example, on properly taxing extremely wealthy people and using that money to fund all kinds of social programs and infrastructure) .

“Player of Games” will mark Grimes’ first real release since the arrival of his 2020 album, Miss Anthropocene. That said, just before taking her social media hiatus at the end of September, she posted a short song on Instagram and TikTok titled “Love.”

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